Spring break should be two full weeks long.  Unless you want to
stay home or travel in your local region, air travel is the only way to
get across the country in less than a day.  And since its not
cheap, it makes it hard to do as a college student.
  Amtrak is an
OK way to get around, but they don’t offer direct service to alot of places and they don’t have trains
that leave on certain routes 3 or 4 times a day so you can be stuck for hours some times..  When I took the
train back from DC on a recent trip it took about 30 hours to get from
Washington DC to Kansas City.  If I did not have to sit in a train
station for almost 5 hours so I could get back on to the same train I
came in on, it would have been nice and I could have been home that
much sooner.  But over all, I would have to say that Amtrak, if
you have the time, is a neat way to travel.  Slow, but it gets you
there, sort of on time. 

  However, I did get to see how people in America now
live next to the rail road tracks from DC to KC, and I got to see a guy
drop a used syringe in a bathroom by the foodcourt in Chicago. Gotta
love it when you get to see people shoot up in the bathroom!

One cool thing about the train is that you can use your cell phone
the time, you never are told to sit down, you can walk about and do
what ever you want once you get on board.  I brought my own food
in a cooler, saved me from being forced to pay 5 bucks for a tiny
microwave pizza and 2 bucks for a candy bar.  They had movies, but
to it was shown on a TV stuck in the wall.  Trains are not quiet
enough to watch a movie on and they were only in one car. 

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  1. trains are cool. i’ve never traveled on one very far. i rode one in France and it was a coachette, which means there are 6 beds stacked 3 on 3 in a room the size of a cubicle. everyone is expected to sleep. we expected to sit around and drink coffee, but our bunk mates ruled that out. so we sat in the dark, my wife and I sharing a 2×6 board attached to the wall. it sucked. french people suck ass cause we asked to NOT get a coachette, but then the train man sold us coachettes anyways! then the conductor told us that we were on a non-English speaking train in perfect English and refused to talk to us again. damn frenchies. they survive on our tourism and winos! f you!

    whose this black dude who love helios?

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