America makes me want to vomit. The pussies who are now democrats are
professional election losers, the bible bangers on the right will next
want to install a camera in every bedroom in America to make sure
everything is wholesome.  Now I do feel sorry for the process
conservative theory republicans, for they are ones who are really
getting maligned here.  Sadly, its not the liberals who are doing
all the damage, it is the conservative beast known as the religious
right.  Of course, they have paid for a large portion of the bill
to get a lot of republicans in office, and with that move they have now
gained vast power in America at this time.  As most people know,
power leads to corruption and now they are trampling on the rights of
the states, the rights of married couples and showing how far certain
leaders named Tom DeLay from Texas who questioned the manhood of the
husband of the woman who they are trying to “save” will go to attempt
to score political points.  Sadly the same fuckers will send
soldiers off to die for Cheney and his secret empire he is trying to
amass, or let the baby in Texas die from the law that Bush himself
signed a few years ago…And of course, please don’t bother
investigating or try prosecuting them for their actions, no matter how
many laws they break in the process.  They are busy making America
safer, when they really just fuck off large amounts of tax payer money
and then hold a show and tell every few months.

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  1. How wonderfully, politically correct of you! I am your humble servant, Eric the Wavy Gravy….O Captain My Captain!

    E the WG

  2. You’re as much as a slave as anyone bi-atch! Grahzny bratchny – I want to tolchock your gulliver a malenky while. My page is better than yours… ha ha ha. But if you want some fun site to comment on – go to Jesus_Land cause that user is my cousin and he is hard core religious right. I’m sure you could piss him off pretty easily. I always do. He doesn’t even talk to me about the Iraq war anymore and doesn’t respond to my posts either. I’m family, though, so he can’t ban me!

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