When George executed a person in Texas 10 days before chri$tma$ nobody seemed to care. Why are the
same people who want to save an unbaby or a breathing carcass so willing to send
soldiers off to die?  If god does exist, I am pretty sure that it
would not want the current ass clowns that ruin America to use the idea
of “the lord” to further their agendas.  

Where is your rage for the baby in Texas?  It was going to live
for ever on life support, and the HOSPITAL wanted to remove the 
life support and allow the child to die and his mother was having to
file the lawsuit in order to stop them from doing the right thing for
both her and the child.  You might want to surf over to here
and get word added to your vocabulary.  I highly doubt that it
would matter to Bush if Terry was alive or dead.  But if he can
wrangle some political points for his cause then he will use ANY
issue.  Honestly, will her death affect you in any direct
fashion?  Probably not.  You may take a few more precautions
now that you know what can happen but its not like the world is going
to stop spinning because of her demise.

Perhaps you think being a republican is only about “God” and being a
“conservative”?  Wrong again.  Nope.  Being a republican
boils down to 2 major things.  Being politically virtuous and
vigilant.  Not supporting big business, not being paid for by the
church and definately not trampling all over the state and its
rights.  Those are all recent additions to the ideals of being a
Republican.  So the religious aspect of the GOP is really in
direct opposition of the 2 core values of being a “real”
republican.  I think we have 3 groups with in the GOP right now,
two being major and dominate in the party and then one smaller group.
The religious right, the Business supporters and then just a few but
dedicated process consevatives.  Out of the entire group I only
partly agree with the process conservatives on reducing the federal
debt and reducing the size of the national government.  Nothing
  Organized religion is just another way of seperating people into
groups with a few people having control with most people having no
control.  Then they can maintain the positions they want while
people think they are getting the good end of the stick when they are
getting boned.

Gas prices got you down?
Who cares?  I don’t.  If you are one of those people who
drives a monster truck or SUV or something that get terrible mileage
and has the balls to bitch about high gas prices then you need to
examine your lines of thought.
  1st thing is to stop blaming Opec for the rising costs of
oil.  Even if they pumped 30 billion more barrels of crude oil an
hour extra for a month we would not see gas prices fall for months, since gasoline is
sold months in advance. 

  2nd thing is stop bitching about what you drive that gets such
bad mileage.  Nobody forced you to purchase the car.  You
knew about the costs of owning a vehicle like that before you bought
it.  I am sure you could have looked at a smaller, more economic
vehicle when you were getting your SUV, but you were most likely just
too big of a pussy to check out something different from what all the
other people in your sub division are driving. 

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Institutions of any sort are the issue. As Butler Shaffer said, institutions exist to no ends other than the futherance of their power. Any and all involuntary and/or non-contractual relationships are coercive with one telling the other what to do and how to live. I can’t legally choose what I want my body to ingest, unwise or not, should I not be able to make the decisions for my own person? What? F you. I own my body and will use it to my own will! Any other life would be a conflict, me carrying around my shadow while my persona is what I’ve become. An actor on a stage with a bad disposition. I’ve been reading Jung and so there’s that… and Ellul and Barth and Eller and Shaffer (my hero).

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