If you want to boil life down to base experiences, here is a list of
things that humans, barring higher intelligence and thought and reason,
are here to do:

  1. Be Born
  2. Eat and drink
  3. produce waste from eating
  4. Grow
  5. Produce offspring
  6. Die

After you complete the fourth step all you have to do is produce the
offspring and then you could just go right on to step 6..  Not
that you would
want to do that, but it does happen.  I mean once your kids are 30
or 40 you should getting ready to die.  No body wants 400 year old
great * 16 grand parents sitting your house.  Death is a natural
thing and it really should not be feared.  Doing stupid things
that bring on massively increased risks of sudden death should be
feared to some extent.  I personally will not be sky diving with
parachute into a hurricane with 5 tons of weights strapped around
me.  But beyond that I don’t want to be a strain on the next
generation when I am older.  If I am 80 years old and having a
major health crisis and the only way for me to stay alive is via
machine, I would not want that.  People have to die.  I would
not want to live on a machine for 15 years, that would be
horrifying.  And on the same token, no woman should be forced to
bear a child that she does not want and cannot or will not provide
decent care for.  If she wants to arrange an adoption, that’s fine,
but she can choose to exercise her right to privacy and terminate if
she wants to and not be bothered about her choice by outsiders. 
It is so disrespectful when people yell and protest at women’s health
clinics.  Some places provide more than just abortions in the
clinic and sometimes they yell at women who are there for other things,
including other medical procedures.  Abortion in America only
needs to be 3 things.  Safe, legal and rare.  Beyond that if
a woman wants to wait until 3 days before the due date and wax the womb
booger, hey, not my problem.  Its her body, and if she does not
want it, she can get rid of it.  Its not the choice of some
hypocrite Christian bedshitter who stands in front of a building and
yells at people in the name of “God”.

Another Ho-Hum day I guess.  Today I was able to find an adapter
for my digital camera, so I can get some different lenses and finally
get some better images.   That is supposed to be in next
week.  I hope that they get it here fast, since they are the only
place I was able to find online ANYWHERE.  And they sent me a mail
30 minutes later with a shipping notice that it was on its

Beyond that I was watching TV for about 20 minutes this afternoon and I
noticed that on the on CNN they are not covering Terry Schiavo as
much.  Perhaps they realized that they played a major role in the
circus atmosphere?  Nah, I doubt that.  They liking fucking
up America.

  A free press is extremely important.  But sadly,
the media in this country is owned by 3 major companies.  GE,
Time-Warner, and News Corp.  GE owns NBC, Time-Warner has CNN and
News Corp has Fox News.  One thing that I found out when I myself
had to write the news is that it costs money to actually go and
research reports.  So rather than spend money on actual reporting
they all rely on wire services which can be manipulated at times.

And so Americans really don’t watch the “news” to gain real
information, but rather we seem to want to live in dream world where
everything turns out with a happy ending, no matter what the
subject.  Of course both sides of the spectrum in America cry that
the other side is using the media against them, so they claim. 
Which once you gain a higher concept of their argument you begin to see
how fundamentally flawed it really is.

  Think about it.  If
the media was being used against a group for their beliefs or actions
in a negative manner you would not hear anything from the opposing
sides that was going against the preferred message.  But that does
not happen since you hear from both sides almost every single day about
the same damn issue.

  And that issue is subterfuge so people don’t pay attention to
what is really going on around them and focus on the meaning point set
forth by political parties and the people within their
organization.  Democrats want you to focus on how much you will
lose when Bush has not given any real details other than private
accounts.  Of course he does not say how he will pay for this
either, so I guess its a toss up on which way you are going.

  If you follow the wacked out power hungry bible banger hypocrites
then you will say that the private accounts are the best idea
ever.  If you are a apology hungry super liberal then you will go
on about how it will fuck America.  Which I think it will probably
end up doing, since everything George W Bush has done since he has been
in office has been to enhance the valuation of corporations that he is
either involved in directly or knows the top level officials personally
and fuck over the other 99% of Americans.

 Sadly millions of Americans defend GW Bush as a saint every day
when they refuse to realize what he is doing to our country on a daily
basis. And since his cabinet is stacked with the same people his
fathers cabinet was, the same mentality of constant never ending war
reigns again.  So many people have come back from the 80’s that I
think I am watching VH-1 I love the 80’s when I watch C-SPAN sometimes.

  It is sad when people are so devoid of thought and mission that
they just go along with what ever the trend is at the time.  And
from this we have seen the rise of news that does not report
anything.  Shock headlines have been overused now and are worded
to make it sound like the end of the world can happen at any second for
the simplest of news briefs. I think it would be easier to just read
the police blotter once a week rather than watch 30 minutes of local
news a day to see that some idiot drove into a building or flipped
their vehicle while only doing 25 on a flat street or some woman who
could not keep her legs shut with 5 kids got beat or shot by her
boyfriend who just got out of prison .

  Once and a while you will get some 3 line story about a
bill being signed into law by the governor but that’s about it and the
rest is dedicated to local car wrecks and sports, both professional and
high school.  Maybe once and a while they will show a video clip
of some city in Ohio or Wyoming that had a really bad car wreck or some
local festival where they eat fried candy bars dipped in batter with
ice cream and bacon or some other wacky foodstuff for people to

  Like fried turkey.  I will honestly say that it can be very
good.  But I know the guy who made it also owns his own BBQ place
in KC
and this was for his family on Thanksgiving and oh my it was very
good.  But I have also had fried turkey where the people did not
have a clue and it was terrible.  Another thing people seem to
want to try and make is crab cakes.  I am not down with shellfish
so I won’t eat them, but I have seen some home made ones that just
looked like cat vomit and smelled like rotten skank death. 
When my brother worked as a chef at a seafood place he had to make
them he became well versed in how to make them and so when he was a
chef for a while at a local country club the people who ordered them
always raved about how good they were.  Of course the same people
would order a turducken, which is a cornish game hen stuffed into a
roasting duck that is in turned stuffed into a turkey and baked. 
Oh man it was sick.  Apart those are all great to eat and I enjoy
doing so, but all together is just way too much for my likings. 

  But the last thing I want to bitch about is the girls at school
who want to show off their bodies.  And I am not complaining about
the size 2 girls.  Its the size 62 XXXXXXL chicks that wear
clothes that are way to small for their fat asses and stomachs and
jelly rolls.  And for some odd reason its always the fat chicks
with A cup boobs that want to show off acres of thighs and the first 5
flab rolls on their waists.  Then its up to a top that shows off
her 62A boobs. 

I see lots of chicks at school who are way fit, but then for every one
of those I see I have to be visually assulted by the hordes of chicks
that think rippled fat that jiggles when they breath is sexy and so
they decide to wear skin tight everything when they should be wearing a
mu-mu instead.