If you want to boil life down to base experiences, here is a list of
things that humans, barring higher intelligence and thought and reason,
are here to do:

  1. Be Born
  2. Eat and drink
  3. produce waste from eating
  4. Grow
  5. Produce offspring
  6. Die

After you complete the fourth step all you have to do is produce the
offspring and then you could just go right on to step 6..  Not
that you would
want to do that, but it does happen.  I mean once your kids are 30
or 40 you should getting ready to die.  No body wants 400 year old
great * 16 grand parents sitting your house.  Death is a natural
thing and it really should not be feared.  Doing stupid things
that bring on massively increased risks of sudden death should be
feared to some extent.  I personally will not be sky diving with
parachute into a hurricane with 5 tons of weights strapped around
me.  But beyond that I don’t want to be a strain on the next
generation when I am older.  If I am 80 years old and having a
major health crisis and the only way for me to stay alive is via
machine, I would not want that.  People have to die.  I would
not want to live on a machine for 15 years, that would be
horrifying.  And on the same token, no woman should be forced to
bear a child that she does not want and cannot or will not provide
decent care for.  If she wants to arrange an adoption, that’s fine,
but she can choose to exercise her right to privacy and terminate if
she wants to and not be bothered about her choice by outsiders. 
It is so disrespectful when people yell and protest at women’s health
clinics.  Some places provide more than just abortions in the
clinic and sometimes they yell at women who are there for other things,
including other medical procedures.  Abortion in America only
needs to be 3 things.  Safe, legal and rare.  Beyond that if
a woman wants to wait until 3 days before the due date and wax the womb
booger, hey, not my problem.  Its her body, and if she does not
want it, she can get rid of it.  Its not the choice of some
hypocrite Christian bedshitter who stands in front of a building and
yells at people in the name of “God”.

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  1. hey, protesting abortion is no worse than protesting the alaskan wildlife being open for oil drilling. stop bitching. don’t like our dependance upon oil? stop driving a fucking car. you do, it uses oil, you are part of the problem. maybe get a bike and start riding that around or perhaps one of those new hydrogen motorbikes that top of at 50mph. action have consequences, and you want oil for your car but don’t want to war with Iraq for it and you don’t want to drill in the United States for it… what is your solution, genius?

    it concerns me your lack of respect for human life. why is it you consider a baby to be part of the mother? because it is dependant upon her for nourishment? because that continues for up to a year after birth. can we kill James because we’ve decided he is inconveniant? I mean, if we didn’t take care of him he would die. he couldn’t survive on his own by any means. since he still depends on his parents for life, does that make him an organ of ours?
    FROM CONCEPTION James had his own unique DNA which is neither his mother’s or his father’s, but a combination of the two. I would state that because his DNA – the building block of life – is unique he is not an “organ” from his mother. her liver or heart or womb all contain the same DNA of her person. James’ DNA is different, that difference seperates him from his mother. he was not an organ in the womb, he was a living human being seperate from his mother. this can be proven by babies who are conceived and incubate outside of the womb. if someone finds it inconveniant to have kids, then they should avoid the root cause of having kids … sex. but, as you recently posted, people think with their dicks and not their brains. they couldn’t imagine a life without sex or maybe just a life using condoms or birth control pills or, god forbid, a vasectomy. your avoidance of the consequences of your actions are a mirror image of the lack of responsibility prevalent in our society.

    actions have consequences. that’s life. deal with it, don’t start killing people because you want to avoid the natural consequence of fucking. don’t want kids? don’t fuck. sex is not god and life is pleasurable without sex. did you not watch the flash animation you posted? try not fucking and stop focusing on your own pathetic tingling dick desires. sex isn’t that great, it isn’t the meaning of life, and you can go without it. just like fat asses can go without that 1 lb. bacon cheeseburger with 1/4 lb of french fries everyday.

    try what they did in Uganda which was so successful, as well as a success in our former society. it is called “abstain from sex until marriage.” it used to be a voluntary social law. now that our government promotes free sex with any and everybody abortion has become the new condom.

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