Go on and listen to your neo-con leaders pander to the super right
wing.  They only represent who will pay them the most.  You
can hear the troops talk and laugh in the background.  All the
people who claim to be morally outraged at the death of Terry Schiavo
and the right to die with dignity, abortion, gay marriage and what ever
else the christians get upset about probably have 2 magnetic ribbons
supporting the troops and the war on the H2 that they drive for that
day of the week.

 Listen to them ramble on about how the media is trying to destroy
the conservative movement in America.  He cries about how they
“trump up little false charges” and how Tom Delay, no matter how many
laws that he broke, is a good person who is trustworthy and they should
pray for Tom Delay.  Truly what is sad about the whole thing is
that 10 years ago, when it was a democrat president, it was all about
ethics and following the rules in place and any democrat who happened
to be president was railroaded by the conservative press every single
day, under constant investigation from the Senate and House, every move
was examined and reported and became flashing light worthy on drudge
report, even though in the end neither Clinton has been charged with
anything criminal.  Now when its GW in charge, the republicans are
willing to break any law they have to in order to protect their moral
yet somwhow not ethical leaders.

  Moral with no ethics.  Well, its OK.  Just ignore that
throbbing pain in your head as you try and comprehend the
concept.  But I just can’t stand all the people in America that
constantly complain about how Democrats are holding back America and
the republicans are going to move America foward.  IF they are the
majority, why aren’t they just writing laws that they want?  Oh my
fucking god they are!  But guess what bitches?  It’s not the
laws you want them to enact.  Tough shit.  I did not vote for
the dickheads, so therefore I can bitch about every fucking thing they
do since I voted for the other party.  Just like the conservatives
did when Clinton was president.