the 419 scam has been around for some time now.  If you don’t know
what that is, the 419 crime is usually done from Africa where they send
you an e-mail promising millions of dollars if you just send them your
bank account and information they need.  Surprisingly, people
STILL fall for this shit.  After 10 years of the Internet being
around in the mainstream, scams like this still happen.  But, some
people have decided that the best policy is to fight fire with
fire.  So now sites like this one and the very funny that are some of the best for their genre.  Some of the material is NWS, so be aware.

  Its not sexual, but some people might be offended at the
content, or your sys admin might not like your plan so much either…

But fuck it.
Terry Schiavo continues to hang on, but she can’t go forever. 
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