Get the Fuck Out






© 2005




federal level government officials,


            Get the
fuck out of my life.  Seriously.  Get the fuck out of everyone in America
lives.  From what we have been forced to
watch and listen to for the past 70 years, ever increasing taxes with less
accountability from the government,  decrease in the standard of living, both
democrats and republicans both have sold out the true ideas of their respective
parties and have become bastardized monsters in politics that hinder rather
than help.  Concepts that should be core
to our country have been tossed out the window so we can have more prisons,
more crime and less peace and less real growth and real happiness.


just leave your prying, hate filled minds away from my life.  You don’t represent me, and I think your
policies are counter how we should truly be heading.  All this jingo-fest that we have now does
absolutely NO good whatsoever in 10 years, much less 10 weeks or even 10
seconds.   Knowledge is only powerful
when linked to reason, and I think that the government has completely destroyed
that link.  Ergo I have no reason to
trust what you do or any actions that the government may attempt to set into