I say we start purging Washington of scum and scandal
junkies.    Tom Delay needs to go to P-Y-I-T-A prison
for a few years, Frist needs to go away, Clinton needs to go away,
Jessie Jackson needs to just give up and shut the fuck up also. Iraqi
leaders are now starting to signal they want us to leave soon, the
budget needs to be balanced, medicare is heading towards icebergs, the
energy needs of this country need better technology, not more drills
into the ground.  Solar power panels should be standard on new
houses in my opinion.  Ultra low emmission vehicle owners need to
get tax credits rather than a massive SUV owner.

  Education is in ruins now.  People keeps saying to dump
more money into the schools when that is not the answer.  Better
managment and less influence by politics are a few of the things the
education system really needs.  Of course better parents who would
actually be parents to their kids is the first thing
needed.   I know of a few parents who are actually trying to
be good parents (stewped), and then I know so many more parents that
are no more mature than their own children.  They don’t get
involved in the kids life, they just shuffle it from place to place and
try to occupy by any means possible other than actually spending time
with the kid and teaching it how to read and count and spells its own
name.  Of course the instant the kid falls behind in school they
blame it on the teachers and demonize the teacher for their failure
being pointed out.  Its not the teachers fault if someone does not
take care of their children and don’t teach them anything basic like
how to count or read or anything else.  But even if a parent does
not teach their child anything at all, even how to sit down in a chair,
it is still the teachers fault for the child failing school. 

The one thing I am so fucking sick and fucking tired of fucking looking
at every time I go out is the thing I see the fucking most. 
Its the dumbshit construction worker/contractor/total fuckstick with a
stupid mustache or goatee and mullet in a 4-door 4X4 pick up truck the
size of a an aircraft carrier that drives like they are in a sports car.

Whats the worst is when they cut the mufflers off and do other work to
the truck, since then they think its the fastest vehicle on the road
and they are suddenly racing champion drivers.  Bonus points if
they have a stupid sticker in the back window of Calvin peeing on the
logo of a rival truck maker or kneeling before a cross praying and then
hunting or fishing related stickers.  Of course some go for the
ultra ultra redneck and have “git-er-done” in big letters across the
back along with the other mandatory stickers for the area.  And
the people who own jeeps, they must feel compelled to put “if you can
read this please flip me over ” upside down in one window or another
along with “its a jeep thing, you wouldn’t understand”.  Meanwhile
my feet see more time walking offroad outside than the jeep they drive
strictly on pavement and pretend is for driving off road.