If these organizations claim to love marriage so much why don’t they
just outlaw divorce?  Or would that put a damper on getting
married for 2 years and then getting a divorce so they can find “true
love” 6 times?

So fuck off if you don’t like what I have to say.  This is
America, and you need to recognize that its freedom for all, not
freedom for some who follow a certain thought pattern.  Eat my
nutty turds out of the toilet.  Suck my asshole until it gives you
some warm soft serve ice cream.  I don’t care what you

Don’t censor my TV and radio, be better parents, assholes.  If you
don’t like your kid listening to something or watching a certain show,
don’t ruin it for everyone, step up, grow the fuck up and stand up to
your child and smack the child around and tell them they are not
allowed to listen to or watch that program anymore rather than trying
to ban it.