If these organizations claim to love marriage so much why don’t they
just outlaw divorce?  Or would that put a damper on getting
married for 2 years and then getting a divorce so they can find “true
love” 6 times?

So fuck off if you don’t like what I have to say.  This is
America, and you need to recognize that its freedom for all, not
freedom for some who follow a certain thought pattern.  Eat my
nutty turds out of the toilet.  Suck my asshole until it gives you
some warm soft serve ice cream.  I don’t care what you

Don’t censor my TV and radio, be better parents, assholes.  If you
don’t like your kid listening to something or watching a certain show,
don’t ruin it for everyone, step up, grow the fuck up and stand up to
your child and smack the child around and tell them they are not
allowed to listen to or watch that program anymore rather than trying
to ban it.

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  1. outlaw divorce?  Or would that put a damper on getting married for 2 years and then getting a divorce so they can find “true love”?

    I agree with you on this for sure…. As christians, we have allowed marriage to be tainted by looking at it in such an everyday thing..  I’m glad the marriage amendment passed, but I wouldn’t mind seeing another one passed when it comes to divorce.  Of course that would mean we would have to accept the bible as a nation.  wouldn’t it be nice.

  2. I would like to disagree with you on a few points.

    The people who wrote the Declaration of Independence & The Constituion were Diests, and they felt that the government should not impede or infringe on personal liberty and natural rights. Yes, God was mentioned in both documents, but it was not intended to be interpeted like it has been by current standards. The freedoms were given to us to use and protect, not warp and manipualte and apply only when we agree with the situation. Ergo, by removing the rights of one group for the satisfaction of another is actually violating the very principles that our country was founded on, and just attempts to label people as good or bad.

    As a married person, I oppose the rampant divorce that is so common now in our country. It is too easy to just waltz into the county office, get married and then get divorced when the fun stops and the real work starts. But, as an American I must accept that they are exercising their personal liberty and freedoms. My parents got divorced, and just about all my friends parents eventually got divorced. I can voice my opinion against it, but the instant I attempt to change the laws to persecute their choices I have abdicated my responsibilty as an American to ensure that all people have their natural liberty and freedom, as assured in the aforementioned documents. Its the same way with gay marriage. I don’t try and make everyone who is not gay to become gay, nor do I attempt to make people who are not married get married. They are just seeking recognition for what they made together. Would the marriage of two men or women really make the world stop turning? No, it won’t. Its the same way with interracial relationships and marriage. Protests, laws and hatred still did not stop it from being accepted, and the catastrophe that was supposed to happen never did.

    Morals should not be made into laws, they should me made into lifestyles.

    Of course they could just take the nuke option, outlaw all marriage completely and end the debate completely.

  3. I have some questions for you. 1. Why don’t you think God created this universe? 2. Are you a Nazi? 3. Are you a liberal or a conserative? (obvious) 4. Do you like the ACLU?

    -H.Q. Artemis

  4. I’ve got a question for you.  Why are you a jerk?  answer me that, and all my prob’s will be solved.  You insult God, you insult me, you insult my family.  Dont you dare ever post on my site again.  You know what your problem is?  You have some serious issues with the world.  God created the universe.  There is proof of a god.  Conservatives are not wrong.  And you will be a very unhappy person when you get older.  Stop it now, and save yourself. 

    -get a real life

  5. I have some questions for you.
    1. Why don’t you think God created this universe?
    2. Are you a Nazi?
    3. Are you a liberal or a conserative? (obvious)
    4. Do you like the ACLU?

    -H.Q. Artemis

    Well lets see…I dont know him personally but…

    1) He doesn’t have to. Some people don’t have faith in such things, but thats not yours or anyone elses problem or business.
    2) He’s for freedom, against censorship, and against conformity. So no, it would be impossible.
    3) Duh
    4) How can you not? I for one do. They defend you, me, left wing nuts and rush limbaugh even. Their priorites are not perfect but they are some of the most patriotic and freedom loving people in this country. Be thankful they exist.

  6. Frankly, I think that most of you people who post on this site, liberal folks excluded, are a bunch of fucking halfwits. You actually believe all the shit that people have spoon fed you. All you lives, you have been brainwashed into believing there is a god. BRAINWASHED!! The parents start young with their children, drilling it into their impressionable little skulls that there is a god, that he created everything.They teach them conformity, teach them not to question or to criticize authority. They pound their minds into believing that because they are christian, they are superior. When these children grow up and have their own children, they do the same thing their parents did. And so the cycle of moronic christianity continues.

    And if any one of you christians wants to talk about Nazi’s, take a look in the fucking mirror. The Nazis persecuted millions of people based on religion and and sexual orientation. They murdered hundreds of thousands of Jews, atheists and homosexuals. They did not allow anyone to question them, nor did they allow criticism. They even made claims that they were superior to others because of their ethnic and religious heritage. The funniest thing about this is, over 90% of the Nazis were christians. Fancy that.

  7. And let me guess, “The ACLU was elected by the people”.


    You can believe in the sick organization if you want to, but ripping crosses off WWII memorials without the dead persons consent is way out of bounds. And HA HA!!! The left is acting like Nazi’s right now!! ABORTION!!! Make the babies look unimportant and a problem to society, and then kill them!!! AND IT”S WORKED!!!! Millions of innocent lives our gone, because the left thinks life is a CHOICE!!!!! The holocaust is happening all over again…..

    IN AMERICA!!!!!

    And it’s all because of the left. Don’t give me that crap that Bush is Hitler either. The ACLU is without a doubt using NAZI strategies. And what do they think they’re accomplishing?

    A utopia were you have the right and choice to do anything to life, or someone elses life. And this will make America more American.

    -H.Q. Artemis

  8. Go H.Q.!! 

    The Nazi’s were christians, yes.  But if you haven’t noticed, there are two sides to all religions.  For example, there are good Muslims, and bad Muslims.  there are good Jews, and there are bad Jews.  There are good Christians, and there are bad Christians.  LIke i’ve said before, even though every religion has morals and values, not everyone follows them.  Hitler was one of those examples.  He did not follow the Christian law of treating everyone equeally, and to not kill, rape, and a whole bunch of other stuff. 

    Osama Bin Laden is an example from another religion.  He has killed thousands upon millions just like Hitler. 

    Who said that we were superior to the rest of the world.  I certainly didn’t.  And I don’t know anyone who has.  Yes, i believe that my god is the right god, but that’s only because I follow my religion, and believe what I believe.  Anyone from a different religion would probably say that their god was the right god too.  I never said nor implied that Christians were superior. 

    I don’t know what you’ve been reading if you’ve heard that before.

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