Liberal Bible-Thumping


Published: May 15, 2005

aside from his arguments that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and that St. Paul was a self-hating gay, the new book by a former
Episcopal bishop of Newark
is explosive.

John Shelby Spong, the former bishop, tosses a hand grenade into the
cultural wars with “The Sins of Scripture,” which examines why the
Bible – for all its message of love and charity – has often been used through
history to oppose democracy and women’s rights, to justify slavery and even mass

It’s a provocative question, and Bishop Spong approaches it with gusto. His
mission, he says, is “to force the Christian Church to face its own
terrifying history that so often has been justified by quotations from ‘the
Scriptures.’ “

This book is long overdue, because one of the biggest mistakes liberals have
made has been to forfeit battles in which faith plays a crucial role. Religion
has always been a central current of American life, and it is becoming more
important in politics because of the new Great Awakening unfolding across the United States.

Yet liberals have tended to stay apart from the fray rather than engaging in
it. In fact, when conservatives quote from the Bible to make moral points, they
tend to quote very selectively. After all, while Leviticus bans gay sex, it
also forbids touching anything made of pigskin (is playing football banned?) –
and some biblical passages seem not so much morally uplifting as genocidal.

“Can we really worship the God found in the Bible who sent the angel of
death across the land
of Egypt
to murder the
firstborn males in every Egyptian household?” Bishop Spong asks. Or what
about 1 Samuel 15, in which God is quoted as issuing orders to wipe out all the
Amalekites: “Kill both man and woman, child and infant.” Hmmm. Tough
love, or war crimes? As for the New Testament, Revelation 19:17 has an angel
handing out invitations to a divine dinner of “the flesh of all

Bishop Spong, who has also taught at Harvard Divinity
, argues that while
Christianity historically tried to block advances by women, Jesus himself
treated women with unusual dignity and was probably married to Mary Magdalene.

Christianity may have become unfriendly to women’s rights partly because, in
its early years, it absorbed an antipathy for sexuality from the Neoplatonists.
That led to an emphasis on the perpetual virginity of Mary, with some early
Christian thinkers even trying to preserve the Virgin Mary’s honor by raising
the possibility that Jesus had been born through her ear.

The squeamishness about sexuality led the church into such absurdities as a
debate about “prelapsarian sex”: the question of whether Adam and Eve
might have slept together in the Garden of Eden, at least if they had stayed
longer. St. Augustine‘s
dour answer was: Maybe, but they wouldn’t have enjoyed it. In modern times,
this same discomfort with sex has led some conservative Christians to a hatred
of gays and a hostility toward condoms, even to fight AIDS.

Bishop Spong particularly denounces preachers who selectively quote
Scripture against homosexuality. He also cites various textual reasons for
concluding (not very persuasively) that St.
was “a frightened gay man condemning other
gay people so that he can keep his own homosexuality inside the rigid
discipline of his faith.”

The bishop also tries to cast doubt on the idea that Judas betrayed Jesus.
He notes that the earliest New Testament writings, of Paul and the source known
as Q, don’t mention a betrayal by Judas. Bishop Spong contends that after the
destruction of Jewish Jerusalem in A.D. 70, early Christians curried favor with
Roman gentiles by blaming the Crucifixion on Jewish authorities – nurturing two
millennia of anti-Semitism that bigots insisted was biblically sanctioned.

Some of the bishop’s ideas strike me as more provocative than persuasive,
but at least he’s engaged in the debate. When liberals take on conservative
Christians, it tends to be with insults – by deriding them as jihadists and
fleeing the field. That’s a mistake. It’s entirely possible to honor Christian
conservatives for their first-rate humanitarian work treating the sick in
Africa or fighting sex trafficking in Asia,
and still do battle with them over issues like gay rights.

Liberals can and should confront Bible-thumping preachers on their own
terms, for the scriptural emphasis on justice and compassion gives the left
plenty of ammunition. After all, the Bible depicts Jesus as healing lepers, not
slashing Medicaid.

Wesley Busch looked forward to his mother visiting his Philadelphia-area
elementary school and reading aloud from his favorite book, the Bible.

But Donna Busch said she was denied the opportunity when a
principal who appeared agitated said Wesley’s cherished book wasn’t welcome in
a public school classroom.

She says the incident led her 6-year-old son to conclude
that reading the Bible is bad. (it really is)

Busch has filed a federal lawsuit accusing the Marple Newtown
School District
infringing on her right to express her religious beliefs and discriminating
against Christianity.

Her lawsuit also says that students were allowed to
read a book about Judaism, learn the dreidel game and make Hanukkah
decorations, but weren’t allowed to make Christmas decorations.

So whats the big fucking deal, bitch?  Anyone who steps outside
their home is assulted with christian images, bumper stickers, retards
who pray at fast food places, churches are on just about every street,
they put paper advertisements for churches on cars in parking lots, etc.
.  So the kids got a small view of a different
culture.   Big fucking deal.  If you want your kid to
get a “christian education” (total oxymoron, but that is beside the
point) either home school the fucking kid or send it to a private
school, you ignorant cunt.  Yet another stupid lawsuit filed by stupid people for stupid reasons.

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Its late.

So I will go with a canned posting I made a while back yet did not publish until tonight.

<—Start Copy Paste Here—>

You know what bothers me?  Not so much bothers but annoys me to no
end.  Its rude people.  People can be nice, but they can also
be rude and shitty at the same time.

Assholes.  Total dicks.

What am I ranting about?  We all know who they are, and some of
the people who might read this blog might be the very type of people I
am describing.  But that is about as likely as me going to church
not looking to piss off the entire place and get thrown out.

The first example is the family just out of church going to eat.

They show up, have a dozen kids running around screaming and yelling,
they take 45 minutes to order, want the food 2 minutes later even
thought they just ordered 14 different meals all with specials requests
and then
they make such a mess while eating that it takes another 45 minutes to
clean up
the tables after they finally leave.  They also leave a tip of
.0000000000000001% (if they tip at all) and then call up and complain
about how bad the service was, no matter what you did to try and make
them happy.
(and this is aimed at people who go to any church and the people who just go out for lunch at the same time, so the holy rollers
who come here, don’t think this is aimed directly at you.)

2nd example.
Fuckers in line in front of me.  Just get
out of the way of the Digital Ruler, you assholes!  My business is
far more important than yours.

3rd example.
christian mission workers.  why do they always want to go outside
of America to help people?  why don’t they want to help the
homeless vet who is addicted to drugs and desperately needs help? 
what about single moms in America? 

Why do they feel compelled to
go to Africa or South America?  Maybe they want to get some jungle
ass?  If I was to go to a 3rd world hellhole, I would at least
take a different girl each night and fuck her in the ass and then make
her give me a blow job while I was there.  Of course my ultimate
goal would be to knock up as many women and teenage girls as I could
before I left and never went back.

4th example.
People who pull into gas stations the wrong way.  Some stations
have set up paths for people to follow, and when you use the paths as
intended, no problems arise.  But then some ass fuck in a SUV or a mini-van
wants to go the exact opposite way, and makes life hard for the people
who just want to get fuel and get on with the day.  Maybe that huge do not enter sign was put up for a reason?

5th example.
Goths.  Take the make up off, you pansy
bitches.  You live in a country where most people have food to eat
every single day and for some people eating a sheet of solid gold on a
$2,000 ice cream sundae for dessert is normal.  Nothing like seeing
a 14 yr old who lives in a suburb and has everything handed to them
complain about how bad life is when they have never had to sell plasma
to eat more than 2 times a week or see a woman turn a trick to feed her kids even one meal.

6th example.
People who have handicap parking tags, yet manage to play contact
sports or drive a 4X4 that is lifted 10 feet in the air and go
hunting.  Of course the instant you call them on it they suddenly
relapse and then you look like a jerk.  Why its a christmas
miracle in the middle of April!

7th example.
People who make stupid lists bitching about other people.. Damn, what
kind of selfish asshole would have so much free time as to be able to do that?

<—End the madness—>

You can’t unread it now.


Adobe has put forth Photoshop CS2 the other day…

I am going to stick wtih CS as it does everything I need it to do, plus
more than I would care to know.  But whenever I need to crop a
photo of someone letting their dog shit in my yard I have the tools I
need to make it happen.  Of course Paint can do way more than most
people would like to realize, it just takes longer to do it.

Although I do wish I could get some more mad mspaint skills, like Scooter at
Gateway had before that cunt bitch skank Paula (chickenhead) had him
laid off for showing up late every day and leaving early.  I got
pretty good with it, since we had nothing better to do at the
time.  Then they laid off half the floor and I actually had to
deal with customers (shudder).  That cut into my play time at work
and pissed me off.  I went there for a good time and free money,
not to help people with computer “problems” when the hardest thing I
would have to do is explain to people that the porno pop up they had
usually was from a program someone installed to try and get free
porn.  Free porn is terrible anyway, and the pics are small and
crappy and most of the time the chicks are nasty ugly skanks with pussy
lips that flap with the slightest breeze, like Paris Hilton or some
other rich mean cunty skank that the world would not miss if they were
to be ground up and fed to animals at a shelter..

  So finals are upon us again, and as usual I have to listen to
people bitch about how hard they are.  College is not high school
where you are just there to warm a seat and get a social pass to the
next grade.  I love seeing freshmen crying on the phone to mom and
dad about how hard it is.  It is not like some company is going to
hire you if your only skill is being a douche bag jock asshole or you
had great hair at a dance with a cute dress and nice shoes or you drove
a cool car that your parents bought you.  Being popular in high
school is not a life skill.  Yes, developing social skills is
important, but so is math, history and language arts.  When I was
a tech for a small not for profit they would get resumes from people
and for qualifications on particular resume they put down they were a
cheerleader from 6th grade on and they had great hair and a nice
smile.  They even attached a photo.  It was a guy. 
Needless to say he got a nice letter stating that they were unable to
find a position for him within the organization.  Oh well. 
Its not like I stuck around there either, especially after I boned the
secretary, a woman in accounting and then a few other women who
happened to want to get it on at the different offices. Yeah, I had to
work “late” quite often when I was there.

Last night I was playing Civ III when the doorbell rang.  I
answered the door and this little 5’10” man was standing there asking
me if I wanted to sign up for the newspaper.  Since I spend about
4 hours a day reading articles and writing them also I told him I
already have direct access to AP and Reuters wires I really did not
have a need for the local rag being dropped off at my door since I
could read it before it was printed usually.  He was not phased by
this statement and proceeded to tell that he would get me a Sunday
paper for only $1.35 a week, plus I would save the time of having to
drive and get it.  I slammed the door in his face after
that.  I hope I don’t start getting the Star dropped off each day,
since they are total assholes and try to rip you off and even if you
call and cancel they keep billing and delivering.  Fuckers.

I was driving home from school the other day and it hit me like a ton
of bricks.  I needed a haircut or a dog tag.  So I went and
got my haircut rather than going straight home.  While I was
waiting for my favorite hair cutter I applied at a smoothie stand,
since every other job offer directly conflicts with my school
schedule.  Its a good thing that I am getting the offers, but it
just sucks that I have to turn them down rather than drop out of school
again.  Which I won’t do until I graduate this time.

Summer school, get ready to feel the pain!


Arguing with christitans is pointless.  its like arguing with a brick
wall.  They don’t accept logic, or the truth.  Here are some of the
better things I have had to listen to from christians:
“The bible does not contradict itself, ever.”
“The bible is perfect, and has never been edited by man”
“The ACLU is a bunch of freedom hating faggots who hate christians”
“Gays and christian haters will burn in hell, along with all other people
who refuse to accept our christ“, then I asked them about Moses, and they
could explain how he got to heaven, even though he supposedly came before
christ.  Also, animals who are owned by chrisitans go to heaven, while all
other creatures burn in hell….

Conservatives, AKA anti-Americans.
They want to censor all press, in the name of freedom and liberty.
ACLU is bad also.
No abortion (they get mad when you ask if their mom had aborted them)
No women outside the home (from a woman who wanted be a lawyer?)
America liberated Iraq, and those
who want us to leave are un-American.  No shit, they are the people of Iraq who want us to get out, and since they are
from Iraq,
that would make them……. Un American. real leap in logic there, morons.
According to one fuck stick, and that cock eater has a Xanga also, the
constitution does not provide for separation of church and state. 
Even though if you read it, it does.
No freedom of choice.