Arguing with christitans is pointless.  its like arguing with a brick
wall.  They don’t accept logic, or the truth.  Here are some of the
better things I have had to listen to from christians:
“The bible does not contradict itself, ever.”
“The bible is perfect, and has never been edited by man”
“The ACLU is a bunch of freedom hating faggots who hate christians”
“Gays and christian haters will burn in hell, along with all other people
who refuse to accept our christ“, then I asked them about Moses, and they
could explain how he got to heaven, even though he supposedly came before
christ.  Also, animals who are owned by chrisitans go to heaven, while all
other creatures burn in hell….

Conservatives, AKA anti-Americans.
They want to censor all press, in the name of freedom and liberty.
ACLU is bad also.
No abortion (they get mad when you ask if their mom had aborted them)
No women outside the home (from a woman who wanted be a lawyer?)
America liberated Iraq, and those
who want us to leave are un-American.  No shit, they are the people of Iraq who want us to get out, and since they are
from Iraq,
that would make them……. Un American. real leap in logic there, morons.
According to one fuck stick, and that cock eater has a Xanga also, the
constitution does not provide for separation of church and state. 
Even though if you read it, it does.
No freedom of choice.