Adobe has put forth Photoshop CS2 the other day…

I am going to stick wtih CS as it does everything I need it to do, plus
more than I would care to know.  But whenever I need to crop a
photo of someone letting their dog shit in my yard I have the tools I
need to make it happen.  Of course Paint can do way more than most
people would like to realize, it just takes longer to do it.

Although I do wish I could get some more mad mspaint skills, like Scooter at
Gateway had before that cunt bitch skank Paula (chickenhead) had him
laid off for showing up late every day and leaving early.  I got
pretty good with it, since we had nothing better to do at the
time.  Then they laid off half the floor and I actually had to
deal with customers (shudder).  That cut into my play time at work
and pissed me off.  I went there for a good time and free money,
not to help people with computer “problems” when the hardest thing I
would have to do is explain to people that the porno pop up they had
usually was from a program someone installed to try and get free
porn.  Free porn is terrible anyway, and the pics are small and
crappy and most of the time the chicks are nasty ugly skanks with pussy
lips that flap with the slightest breeze, like Paris Hilton or some
other rich mean cunty skank that the world would not miss if they were
to be ground up and fed to animals at a shelter..

  So finals are upon us again, and as usual I have to listen to
people bitch about how hard they are.  College is not high school
where you are just there to warm a seat and get a social pass to the
next grade.  I love seeing freshmen crying on the phone to mom and
dad about how hard it is.  It is not like some company is going to
hire you if your only skill is being a douche bag jock asshole or you
had great hair at a dance with a cute dress and nice shoes or you drove
a cool car that your parents bought you.  Being popular in high
school is not a life skill.  Yes, developing social skills is
important, but so is math, history and language arts.  When I was
a tech for a small not for profit they would get resumes from people
and for qualifications on particular resume they put down they were a
cheerleader from 6th grade on and they had great hair and a nice
smile.  They even attached a photo.  It was a guy. 
Needless to say he got a nice letter stating that they were unable to
find a position for him within the organization.  Oh well. 
Its not like I stuck around there either, especially after I boned the
secretary, a woman in accounting and then a few other women who
happened to want to get it on at the different offices. Yeah, I had to
work “late” quite often when I was there.

Last night I was playing Civ III when the doorbell rang.  I
answered the door and this little 5’10” man was standing there asking
me if I wanted to sign up for the newspaper.  Since I spend about
4 hours a day reading articles and writing them also I told him I
already have direct access to AP and Reuters wires I really did not
have a need for the local rag being dropped off at my door since I
could read it before it was printed usually.  He was not phased by
this statement and proceeded to tell that he would get me a Sunday
paper for only $1.35 a week, plus I would save the time of having to
drive and get it.  I slammed the door in his face after
that.  I hope I don’t start getting the Star dropped off each day,
since they are total assholes and try to rip you off and even if you
call and cancel they keep billing and delivering.  Fuckers.

I was driving home from school the other day and it hit me like a ton
of bricks.  I needed a haircut or a dog tag.  So I went and
got my haircut rather than going straight home.  While I was
waiting for my favorite hair cutter I applied at a smoothie stand,
since every other job offer directly conflicts with my school
schedule.  Its a good thing that I am getting the offers, but it
just sucks that I have to turn them down rather than drop out of school
again.  Which I won’t do until I graduate this time.

Summer school, get ready to feel the pain!

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  1. Oohhh yeah, fO SHIZZEL!! Back to kickin the funky fresh music faster, BOOI!! Dope! Hype! Dope! DOPE!! DOPE!!! But seriously man, thats some fuckin’ wacked out shit right there.

    THE BIG e

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