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Its late.

So I will go with a canned posting I made a while back yet did not publish until tonight.

<—Start Copy Paste Here—>

You know what bothers me?  Not so much bothers but annoys me to no
end.  Its rude people.  People can be nice, but they can also
be rude and shitty at the same time.

Assholes.  Total dicks.

What am I ranting about?  We all know who they are, and some of
the people who might read this blog might be the very type of people I
am describing.  But that is about as likely as me going to church
not looking to piss off the entire place and get thrown out.

The first example is the family just out of church going to eat.

They show up, have a dozen kids running around screaming and yelling,
they take 45 minutes to order, want the food 2 minutes later even
thought they just ordered 14 different meals all with specials requests
and then
they make such a mess while eating that it takes another 45 minutes to
clean up
the tables after they finally leave.  They also leave a tip of
.0000000000000001% (if they tip at all) and then call up and complain
about how bad the service was, no matter what you did to try and make
them happy.
(and this is aimed at people who go to any church and the people who just go out for lunch at the same time, so the holy rollers
who come here, don’t think this is aimed directly at you.)

2nd example.
Fuckers in line in front of me.  Just get
out of the way of the Digital Ruler, you assholes!  My business is
far more important than yours.

3rd example.
christian mission workers.  why do they always want to go outside
of America to help people?  why don’t they want to help the
homeless vet who is addicted to drugs and desperately needs help? 
what about single moms in America? 

Why do they feel compelled to
go to Africa or South America?  Maybe they want to get some jungle
ass?  If I was to go to a 3rd world hellhole, I would at least
take a different girl each night and fuck her in the ass and then make
her give me a blow job while I was there.  Of course my ultimate
goal would be to knock up as many women and teenage girls as I could
before I left and never went back.

4th example.
People who pull into gas stations the wrong way.  Some stations
have set up paths for people to follow, and when you use the paths as
intended, no problems arise.  But then some ass fuck in a SUV or a mini-van
wants to go the exact opposite way, and makes life hard for the people
who just want to get fuel and get on with the day.  Maybe that huge do not enter sign was put up for a reason?

5th example.
Goths.  Take the make up off, you pansy
bitches.  You live in a country where most people have food to eat
every single day and for some people eating a sheet of solid gold on a
$2,000 ice cream sundae for dessert is normal.  Nothing like seeing
a 14 yr old who lives in a suburb and has everything handed to them
complain about how bad life is when they have never had to sell plasma
to eat more than 2 times a week or see a woman turn a trick to feed her kids even one meal.

6th example.
People who have handicap parking tags, yet manage to play contact
sports or drive a 4X4 that is lifted 10 feet in the air and go
hunting.  Of course the instant you call them on it they suddenly
relapse and then you look like a jerk.  Why its a christmas
miracle in the middle of April!

7th example.
People who make stupid lists bitching about other people.. Damn, what
kind of selfish asshole would have so much free time as to be able to do that?

<—End the madness—>

You can’t unread it now.

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