Wesley Busch looked forward to his mother visiting his Philadelphia-area
elementary school and reading aloud from his favorite book, the Bible.

But Donna Busch said she was denied the opportunity when a
principal who appeared agitated said Wesley’s cherished book wasn’t welcome in
a public school classroom.

She says the incident led her 6-year-old son to conclude
that reading the Bible is bad. (it really is)

Busch has filed a federal lawsuit accusing the Marple Newtown
School District
infringing on her right to express her religious beliefs and discriminating
against Christianity.

Her lawsuit also says that students were allowed to
read a book about Judaism, learn the dreidel game and make Hanukkah
decorations, but weren’t allowed to make Christmas decorations.

So whats the big fucking deal, bitch?  Anyone who steps outside
their home is assulted with christian images, bumper stickers, retards
who pray at fast food places, churches are on just about every street,
they put paper advertisements for churches on cars in parking lots, etc.
.  So the kids got a small view of a different
culture.   Big fucking deal.  If you want your kid to
get a “christian education” (total oxymoron, but that is beside the
point) either home school the fucking kid or send it to a private
school, you ignorant cunt.  Yet another stupid lawsuit filed by stupid people for stupid reasons.

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  1. this reminds me of a time many years ago when I was in San antonio, TX. people came up to me and tried to hand me flyers for their church, and talk to me, etc. So me being who I am I was more than happy to talk to them, but they always seem to stop talking to me whenever I trap them into saying something they really don’t want to say. Which brings me to the conclusion that christians feel that by being their true self and saying what they really mean is a “Sin” and that they must follow “gods law” and anything less than that means they will “fall from grace”, but of course they have the silly idea that just thinking it is ok, which is the same thing as saying it according to christian teachings. and to be honest I would have to say that they really shouldn’t be reading from Jewish texts, creating Hanukkah decorations, etc. in kindergarden. Now in highschool sure no problems, but not in Kindergarden unless they feel like wasting the childrens time learning all 613 Mitzvot(commandments) of Jewish law, better yet lets teach them Hinduism and all the facets of God and get the children really confused, or maybe we should explain Buddhism and have them practice becoming one (and nothing), now if they want to do all of that then sure they can read from the bible and teach about it, but even high school doesn’t explain in detail about any one religion.

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