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  1. your heir of superiority pisses me off and makes me want to argue with you even though there is no point.

    whatever the “definition” of a liberal is on wikipedia… we all know liberals want to take money from some people and give it to others for the good of us all. fuck em and let them rot in hell. their trust in themselves to run everyones lives will be there downfall. at least Christians only socially enforce rules. VOLUNTARILY (not right wing government sucklings, of course). so by that I mean me… I can only speak for myself, really, but I won’t hold you to the rules I choose to live by. So mote it be. Liberals hold me up to all sorts of bullshit rules, no matter what wikipedia says about a “true” liberal. Actual life and blood liberals (people who tag themselves with that name) are every bit as much a goody goody tell you how to live your life as the damned right wing bible thumpers. they’re both a bunch of friggin idiots for trying to waste their time for the “greater good” there is no greater good! there is no “society.” you live your life honestly and teach your kids to. that’s ALL you can do! stop trying to milk me for free health care or insurance, for which I cannot make a claim because it will jack up my rates, or whatever new contrivance government idolizers find for taking my shit from me. you’re all damned retards as far as i’m concerned. if you need $20 from me, ask. i’ll probably give it to you if you have a good reason! want society to be more charitable? be more charitible! want socity to be friendlier? be friendly! want society to tell you how to wipe your ass? well it starts by you making laws about other people’s habits you don’t like. whether its big businesses cutting down trees or fags getting married. don’t like it? don’t do it!

  2. to cap:


    so stop telling me what to do cause its annoying. i already do whatever I want or don’t want to do, regardless of law… SO MOTE IT BE.

  3. while you liberals bitch about todays problems, we conservatives will try to fix them. if we have time, we’ll hand out tissues to the minority left

  4. I like swiss mushroom burgers.

    you liberals? i am an anarchist and think liberals are as much of a bunch of state teet sucking bitches as the so called “religious” right (no the SPIRITUAL but religious dogmatic superstitious – spectacles testicles wallet & watch type). only idiots require the government to enforce their ideals. Andrew Jackson said that.

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