Its that time of the year again.

And not a moment too soon!

The thing that I am wondering about the most is what qualifies as
news.  I guess America has sunk so low that when rich people build
homes in unsafes places it is news.  Big deal if they lost their
multi-million dollar homes.  Good.  I am glad they did. 
I hope the insurance companies don’t cover it either.  Why should
everyone have to pay for them to build homes on the sides of hills made
of sand?  They CHOSE to live there, no one put a gun to their
empty heads and told them to purchase an overpriced cardboard
box.  “But they have tile floors” or “They have XXX or ZZZ on the
property, so they are better people for it.”. 


people are no better than a homeless veteran living off scraps of food
that sleeps under a bridge.  I have known several homeless people
and several weatlthy people, and to be completely honest, the homeless
people were better friends and had better personalities.  Yeah,
they might smell worse, but if you can’t shower every day, it
happens.  I don’t shower every single day.  But hey, that’s
life.  The wealthy people I knew were more concerned about how
other people thought of them, and were on a whole, empty shallow cunts
and assholes.  Not all, but most.

And as a side note, if you have just graduated high school, don’t waste
my time posting ignorant drivel about how “you solve all the problems”,
becuase you are part of the problem, yet tragically you don’t realize

Props to the workers of small printing companies, graphic arts
companies and telecom companies based in KS, even though they might
like weird poetry.