Well, tonight I went to see Star Wars Episode III.

I was not let down at all, even though several people said I would have
been.  But I liked the movie very much and I will get it on DVD
when I can.  I went to the 11PM showing and it was storming at the
time so the crowds were pretty light and I got a GREAT seat.

However, someone had to be a complete jerk off and bring not one but


young children to see the movie.  And rather than
watch the
children they let them run around in the theater during the
movie.  Now I don’t really like children to begin with, but this
just made me hate them even more.  People with kids should be
mindful of people who don’t have them.  I think theaters should
have a policy of no children under the age of 17 after 9 or 10 at
night.  It was not fair to the rest of the crowd in the theater
when those two bags of snot and feces decided to stomp around and scream
during the most important parts of the movie.  And did the parents
do anything at all to stop the kids?  Nope.  Nothing at
all.  They only did something when the kids were yelling for about
5 minutes straight and someone yelled at them.  And they did not
leave the theater, they just picked the kid up and held it until it was
quiet.  And the instant they put it down it started running and
screaming again.  So that lasted for most of the movie.  And
the instant it was over they grabbed the kids and ran like hell out of
there.  We saw them in the parking lot, and they drove like crazy
to get out of the lot.  Fuckers.  If I ever have kids, I
won’t be a shitty fucker like some parents are now and take them to
late movies.

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  1. its not just movies though, its restaurants as well. Now I don’t see a problem with them taking them to a family restaurant, a deli, etc. but don’t take them to place at 6 – 7pm that is not kid friendly like a Japanese steakhouse, Korean BBQ, or a nice proper Italian restaurant. take them instead to Apple bees, Chilies,olive garden, etc.

    oh and speaking of Korean I am still trying to find a place here in Austin that has Korean. Now there are a few place that have Korean, but most of them mix it with Japanese and advertise the Japanese items more. For example one place is called Korea Restaurant and Sushi bar. What the hell is Sushi doing at a Korean restaurant anyways? its not Korean and there is no way to make sushi Korean.

  2. I’m glad that there are still a few smart people like us out there, YDR. All too few however, too few to win. But the boomerang always comes back around, eh? There’s hope yet for intelligence.

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