And now for something completely different.

Honda makes a great car.  The cars are generally fuel savers,
quiet and very nice looking.  And they stay that way until they
are purchased by teenagers and people in their early 20’s that think
“The fast and the furious” is real life.  Yeah, a sports car is
cool when it has engine work done and new rims and a good paint
job.  But when its a 1993 honda civic coupe that has been lowered
by cutting the coils, the body kit is held on with zip ties and the
“engine” work consists of stickers, and they have an exhaust that
sounds like a constipated weed-eater, its just fucking stupid and
annoying.  Usually these cars are driven by white teenage males
who think they are black since they listen to rap and their parents
have not kicked them out of the house yet.  Never mind the white
smoke coming out from all the oil the motor burns, they think every
single stop light is a christmas tree @ the strip.

  When I have to
pull up next to one I put my transmission in nuetral and let the V8 do
the talking.  One kid got brave and decided his “tuner” car could
run with the big dogs.  The race was close until about 25 MPH when
my car hit the torque band and then went to 60 before I hit 2nd and he
was still trying to prove a 4 banger is better about half a block
behind me.  Thinking he would have had enough I pulled onto the
interstate and was on my way to class when the clown was behind me
flashing his lights and acting like he was going to rear end me. 
I edged up to about 75 before I nailed it and gave him about 10 car
lengths worth of room to be an ass clown with.  After he caught up
it was back to the headlights and pulling up behind me shit again so I
slipped over a lane and nailed my brakes and got next to him and
flipped him off  making sure he saw it.  That must of pissed
him off becuase then he decided he could out run me now since he had a
rolling start.  Wrong again, kid.  He floored it and the
weedeater engine moved ahead about 200 ft when I dropped from overdrive
to 3rd and then sailed past him and then flew right past a highway
patrol officer with a radar gun.  I thought I was fucked on this
one, but somehow he must have not seen a red two door screaming past
him going into a construction zone.  But he did see a dumbshit in
a honda trying to be cool.

  Being a curious fuck I took the next
exit and turned around.  Honda boy was handing over his DL and
insurance when I drove past.  Since I was on my way to school I
did another loop at the next exit and was sure to honk and wave out of
the sunroof when I went past them.

I wish I could have seen the look on the kids face when I did that.