A year ago today, one of the leading shitfaced cock masters of the
American Neo Nazi Republican Facist party was put in the ground. 

Thats one down.

“Its going to be OK, we managed to fuck over the poor
people that thought he was doing a good job so we could further
gang rape the planet and the citizens the we duped into voting for him
twice.  But rest assured, we have managed to ruin the future of


Wow, a whole year and I still don’t miss Ronnie. 

I was in Chicago last summer some cock licking jingo bitch faggot put
up billboards crying about how they missed him and how he was a “brave
leader” or a picture a of a jelly bean with dumb phrases like “you will
be missed” and jerk off shit like that..  Why would anyone miss
that shitty, shitty leader.  Leader is too high of a level for
him.  He was a puppet of the V.R.W.C. that people now willingly

But not to the recruiting office apparently.

To all the shit eating high school fucks that think they are smart by coming here and posting, thanks for proving my point!

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  1. why i come here is because these are public journals dumbasses. and yes…..because i am a bitch and to show how truly i really know……holy shit you guys are mature…what are you in 8th, 9th grade now. apparently knowing little is being a politcal science major but u guys shoot your one liners off so fast u forgot to take the massive cocks out of your mouths and asses. and the whole reagan thing…..grow the fuck up. there is no way u cang et duped into voting for someone twice. its the majority of americans feelings and because it didnt go your way dont go accusing republicans of a massive cover up…..youre too busy bitching and moaning to look at the world clearly. you are obviously another bandwagon liberal hopping along for the rollercoaster ride of your life. as soon as u get down from that high off the wee u smoked “medicinally” maybe u can look at the world a little better. the world could only hope for a true solution to those like you…..painful nad slow death. because that is what u deserve.

  2. and to one of you loyal ignorant fans out there. when you said fuck public schools, that was a republican statement, yu dumbass. hell if u wanna pivatize them too thatd be great. we’re always interested in gaining an ignorant jackass jsut so long as he can vote. and yes…..companies are outsourcing jobs because of poor schooling you flaming fuck. taht makes no sense. whatsoever. outsourcing occurs because when the liberals enacted the minimum wage, they killed our nation. the minimum wage forces companies to look at alternatives to save money, so they get the same labor in india for 1.00 per hour. and when slick willy signed NAFTA, he fucked our country over unimaginably so now the product made cheaper in mexico can ship for free too over here. if there was no minimum wage, jobs would stay and market rends would force the price of goods down and the value of the dollar up. this is simple economics ignoramuses so pay attention. chew on that for a while and get back all you loyal devotees. ill prolly check back in a couple days to read your witty remarks involving my “ignorance” and maybe read such great sentences as…”Especially by art fag pussy bitches with boring blogs…”….wow, so intellectual and smart. why these people listen to your dumbass writings stun me

  3. That is a tad bit over the top mean. You may hate that man, but its terrible to say what you did about her, especially since she knew the man, heart to heart, not just in a political way like you did.

    Maybe you need to realize that people other than you also have feelings.

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