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  1. Well, while KP51 is right that Minimum Wage and NAFTA and these sort of things may have caused outsourcing… the best response is YEAH, SO WHAT THE FUCK DID KING GEORGE BUSH, II DO ABOUT IT IN HIS FIRST TERM IN OFFICE? oh, that’s right, not a damned thing. Why? because Clinton, Bush I, Bush II, Reagan were all sucking the big cock of mammon. taking in the ass from their bosses, big money hungry banks and corporations. your TRUE government is not elected, they are businesses that have grown too big to survive, so they outlaw competition by bribing those in power. left and right both. clinton was a douche bag, but bush is a cheap whore. he reminds me of Jar Jar Binks when he put Palpatine (Cheney) in power for life (AKA HJR 24). government sucks, quit kissing the right cheek and slapping the left! the shit comes from inbetween both! not one or the other. it all sucks.

  2. wow…..good work relating fucking star wars to american politics. lol i cant even type anything more on it.

  3. wow…..great job of dodging the real issue and just making yourself look like a jackass. you cant refute shit in that comment so instead you nitpick internet speak. you want grammar, here you go. Go fuck yourself, you immature pot smoking, baby killing piece of shit. Why don’t you go abort some babies because of their wrongdoing? Oh wait, you would rather kill them than convicted serial murderers. Go ahead and try to relate poor schooling to outsourcing because you will just make yourself look more ridiculous than you already do. You must feel really proud to insult a dead man as I know I would. I hope you feel like a bigger man because you still are the most worthless pile of flaming shit I have ever seen. Oh yeah, and on the whole typing thing, I only placed in the 99th percentile on te ACT in english, but apparently that’s not the highest attainable. Hang on, don’t want to use to big of words for you there. I reached the top fucker. Instead of just ripping off stupid ass one-liners, why don’t you refute some of my claims. I know they are hard for you to understand but that’s why there are thesaurus’. Hell, dictionaries, for that matter.

  4. What’s the matter digitalruler…….don’t know how to spell the big words so all you can do is correct his internet lingo that you yourself use. Maybe next time look for grammatical errors or something impressive. And man…..I hope you have something better to do with your time than correct someone’s spelling on the internet.

  5. Hmm, apparently swearing and using vulgar language makes this all the more mature and intelligent?

  6. I would say something, but I do not have the desire to bring myself down to your level of bashing, swearing, and having some of the rudest remarks I’ve ever seen and I ever care to see.  Because frankly, you don’t have the maturity level of someone I truly care to argue with, even though I’d argue with your sorry ass anyday.

    15 year olds may not know everything,

    But I know a moron who’s not going to get anywhere in their life when I see one.

    May God have mercy on your soul and you live a fulfilling life.

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