job of updating my blog is not that hard when I have people coming in
and giving me content.  Kyle, you prove my point every time you
come here and post comments calling every liberal a pot smoking baby
killer or some other stereotype.  If you have ever bothered to
actually read my postings you will find that I have stated that
abortion should be three things.  I will leave it up to you to
actually find what I said. Until then, you make my point so
resoundingly clear and truthful that it almost hurts.  You come
here and spout off all the things that you heard while you whacked off
to Fox “News”, but all it really does is prove how poor of a grasp you
have on how the real world works.

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  1. You agree with the person who commented that swearing and using vulgar language just makes someone look immature….and you yourself have it posted all over your blog and in your profile picture.

  2. Oh, wow……that was rich. I’m glad I am finally getting to you. You must think your’e real humorous pointing out the grammar while in actuality, you’re just displaying the truth more and in larger font. You probably didn’t give that a thought though as your idea of making one of your jackass buddies giggle had you jerking off in the bathroom. Your humor is bad, your ideals are worse. You whine about swearing and vulgarity, yet your posts are ridden with it, and non-coherent at that. Oh, I’m sorry, forgot about the big words rule, YOU DON’T MAKE ANY SENSE YOU DUMB FUCK!!!! I’m still waiting for you to showthe realtion of poor schooling to outsourcing so once again, instead of hiding behind grammar, tackle the issues. Unless tey are too complex, which in that case, you should quit talking while you are ahead. I have a poor grasp on the “real world?” What are we, on fucking MTV? I know more about politics thatn you could ever dream of in a lifetime. You don’t even havea any ideals but rather, you seem to be a bandwagon nutjob, one who only hopped on because his friends did. You don’t know what to think but you instead just hate Bush. The real world, jackass, is far beyond your oh so limited capacity for intelligence it frightens even myself. You still don’t know anything, and you never will. As son as you grow some fucking nuts to go with that mouth of yours, let me know. Until then, go back to the bathroom and finish jerking off to the thought of my possible grammatical errors and how many good times you will have frolickinga nd giggling with you friends thinking about it

  3. To begin with sir, you remind me of a fucking worm with brains.  I don’t know what you get off to, whether it be young boys or neighborhood pets, but stop pretending to be superior, like you’re something.  However I hate to let it be known, society has a finger up your ass and you’re riding it all day.

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