ESPN needs to be moved to a pay level service and then the
cost of the shitty programming could be passed on only to the people who want
to watch it.  I have ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN Classic, ESPN HD, and a couple
other crappy sports channels.  I have them all blocked since the channels
are shit.  The programs are boring and frankly, the whole concept of the
network is crap.  But ESPN should not be the only channel to be removed
from the cable line up Other channels they could move would be FOX Sports,
Speed Network, the Outdoor Channel, Style, E!, Fashion Network, Soap Network,
The Golf Channel, WE, Lifetime, Bravo, TMC, AMC, GSN, all the shopping
channels, Discovery Health, Telemundo, Univision, Metro Sports, MTV, BET, VH1,
Sci-Fi Channel, and a few others that I can’t think of right now. 

     Why get rid of all these channels?  Because I
have around 200 channels available on cable.  Of those channels I watch
Discovery, Discovery HD Theater, Science Channel, History Channel,
International History Channel, CNN and Weather.  The rest are all
blocked.  I used to have HBO and Cinemax and Showtime but after a year of
seeing 1 new movie a week and then repeats the rest of the time I dropped
them.  Don’t miss them either. 

     In conclusion, people who watch sports on TV rather than actually play the game
in real life need stop talking about how the players did it wrong or the
officials called the play wrong.  They are the professionals, not the
overweight half drunk red neck screaming at a TV.  That is another thing
that really pisses me off.  Unless you have a direct line to the coach and
players and officials, no amount of screaming will motivate the players to move
faster.  Usually, the players are running as fast as they can before
people start yelling at the TV.

Kyle, this is for you
And I don’t lay the blame directly on you for being such a thick skulled moron.

Your parents share equal fault in your creation, even if they were
drunk  and horny and Meatloaf was playing on the radio.