Congrats the the Spurs for the good work.

This just proves that the Pistons were flukes.

And of course, I did not actually watch the game, I read about it online.

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  1. wow….good one…..that mustve taken all twelve years of your education and unbelievable wit to come up with…..
    u know come to think of it…..thats the first time ive heard that said from an ignorant asshole…..they get pissed because i get under their skin and hey….out pops that witty comment

  2. I’m surprised that someone like the above idiot has managed access to a computer on a regular basis. It’s seems like someone with such disjointed writing and poor grammar could barely survive, let alone graduate from high school. Perhaps this moron never graduated, though. Perhaps he is living a life of poverty and ignorance, unable to produce anything, incapable of giving back to society. Or, then again, he is living a comfortable life on his parents’ money, so convinced of his moral and itellectual superiority that he believes the good life will fall from the sky and start working his shaft, without any work being required from him at all. As he sits in his rent free room in his parents’ basement, he will reflect upon his life of wasteful foolishness for five minutes, then go get another free beer.

    In other words, to sum that whole essay up, that guy above is a worthless little prick who has no job, no prospects and certainly no brain. You prick, you fucking cuntlapper, move your sour shit caked ass out of your parents’ basement and get a fucking life. And while you’re up, get a fucking clue, shitlicker.

  3. The point I’m trying to make is that morons and right-winger Christian fucks should not be allowed access to computers, let alone restroom facilities. For all the shit they spew, it would be better spent fertilizing the flowerbeds than dissolving in a rancid retention pond.

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