In this article you can read a sob story about children of meth addicts. 
It begs the question of who will care about and for these children.  I
don’t.  The people they write about are worthless and don’t deserve to
exist.  They spawn child after child and then expect someone else to take
care of and feed their children.  If a woman can only shoot up dope and
fuck numerous different men and nothing else then she needs to be sterilized,
and I also think that anyone taken into custody by the police and then convicted of any
crime related to meth by the court system should also be sterilized, regardless
of age or gender.  I think it fucking sucks donkey balls that people who
work hard every single day to provide for their own families have to subsidize
some tweaked out redneck who does not contribute anything to our country other
than toxic waste form making their bathtub dope and dozens of children. 

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