Xanga sucks.  All these people talking yet not saying anything
with meaning.  Who fucking cares if some high school cunt went out
and fucked 20 guys at a party.  Fucking cunt whore, nobody gives a
shit if you let some random guy cum up your ass, so stop posting on your blog
about it.  Maybe her parents might care, but I sure as hell
don’t.  Nor do I care if some guy went out and drank a case of
shitty domestic beer in the middle of a corn field and then smoked some
shitty weed.  That’s something to be really proud of, if you are a
fucking moron who will never rise higher in life than grocery sacker or
video store clerk.  I have such a good time reading your stories
of getting pulled over and having to toss your weed out the
window.  How entertaining is that!!  IT’S NOT AT ALL.!!!!!

  Read a book.  They don’t hurt you.   Sometimes,
people actually learn from books.  That is why you were issued
free books in high school that you either lost, destroyed or left in
your locker so you could try and impress all the other dumbass shit
eating cock masters.  When, or should I say, IF you go to college
they make you buy your books.  Then if you fuck up the book its
your own money you are wasting.  On the upside, once you pass the
class you get to keep your books!  Or if you want, you can
sometimes sell them back to the bookstore for around 5 cents on the

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  1. college books are too damn expensive. that’s for sure. probably run by jews (ha ha..) hearing people’s recollections of their adventures makes me think they’re liars. — stop bragging about it. no one cares — they could always get a job in a customer service department, too. don’t forget that. my friend graduated college with a bachelor’s in business administration (or some such crap) and the starting position is a lowly customer service. i know for a fact that they hire anyone at those places. why waste a mint for a job any drop-out could get? i don’t know. i don’t want to tell this person that they’re taking a pathetic job, because I was working customer service a few years ago (albeit for only 3 months until I could transfer to another position). maybe it would work out for them. i don’t think so (cust svc for TIME WARNER)

  2. College books are expensive.  I once went to a school that would rent you the books for the semester.  But if you lost or damaged the book it would be pretty expensive to replace.  I will say that if you go to a school with dorms some crazy, crazy things can happen.

  3. How can you see how I would be Quagmire? Are there any obvious identifying traits? Clue me in, as I don’t watch Family Guy.

    On a different note, I’ve been playing ‘San Andreas’  at my girlfriend’s house, and what a fucking awesome game! I love blowing the cops away, as well as stealing the occasional lawnmower. Hell yeah bitches! Share and share alike! Look at all that paper! Aagh! my car! It’s goin’ to a good cause — me. Officer, untie me this instant! You complete fuckin’ moron! I never turn down paper! You hit me, now I’m gonna hit you back. You hit my car, asshole! I can’t believe you just hit me! You wanna fight, asshole?

    And that’s about all the things CJ says that I can remember.

    Cluck ‘n Fuck, may I tack your order?

    It’s all processed chicken ass!

    Only ten percent guano!

    By the way, My parents are out of town till Sunday Morning, so we should definitely hang between now and then! I’ve got my own car now, plus my very own atm card! I’m fuckin pimped out now! he he. I’ll send you an email with my home phone.

    “Kick it.”

  4. Goddamn man, college books are muy expensivo, whatever the hell that means. On a different note, have you ever wondered if plants function as a hive mind/collective?

    Lt. Eric

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