Last post of 2005.

2005 has been a year of ups and downs, with many good memories, and just as many bad memories.  I celebrated my first year of marriage, I went back to college full time, my brother graduated from college and so did my sister.  I also fucked my student loans up, so by the time I get my sophomore loans I will be a junior.  Makes for tight budgeting, but it also makes it so I don’t have to pay back as much.  I guess I could borrow more, but I don’t want to have to pay it back later, so I will just borrow the smallest amount needed to pay for my classes and books.

This year also saw the tragic wreck of Arnie while racing, but thankfully he survived and is doing great.  He truly is a survivor.  From being airlifted by helicopter on July 2, to walking out of the hospital eighteen days later, he showed that nothing is too much to walk away from.  He probably won’t race this next season, but I am sure he will be back for 2007.  Better watch your ass, Mr. Lewis, next year you won’t win the championship simply because you ride for the sponsor of the track.

Summer also held a surprise storm, that did much to show that the current administration does not fucking care about its citizens.  Not that I care that much either, but it opened up many eyes.

Technology crept forward, and gas prices skyrocketed.  Now its cool to own a gas sipper, not a H2 with giant rims lifted 6 feet in the air.  Some people still drive them, but soon they will be crushed by the looming gas price spike

My prediction for gas costs in 2006: It will hit $8 a gallon after storms in the Gulf, and settle around $3.75 finally.


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University of Michigan bans Coca-Cola sales

University of Michigan bans Coca-Cola sales

Lets just file this under “who cares”. Its not like the fuckers will really change anything by doing this. Fuck them for being such pricks. I don’t see any of these ultra sensitive emo fuckers not wearing clothes made in china or india, but I do hear them bitch about how the workers that made the clothes are exploited. Then the same people who decry the massive companies and go on endlessly about how bad they are hop into their SUV’s and turn up Death Cab for Cutie and rock out while they chat on their cell phones with other stupid people in SUV’s who are also listening to shitty Emo rock.

Also, if the sole point of a cell phone call is to repeat “I love you” endlessly while talking in gibberish, its not worth talking about. There is nothing that I hate more than when I am waiting in line at the cafeteria at shcool and some dipshit decides to hold up the line for the cashier and tell his girlfriend who is sitting at a table 30 feet away that he love her with all his heart for 5 minutes, turning in circles.
If you think this does not happen, it has started happening so much at my school that I want to put a big sign up that tells people to shut up and walk. It never ceases to amaze me that people can’t walk and talk at the same time. Its not like its a hard action to complete, and amazingly enough, some people cannot complete this task. I have found a quick way to get them to move. I simply tell them that they are acting like democrats when they obsturct the way of freedom. 🙄 That always gets them out of my way.

Don’t like this? I don’t care. Fuck you.