Friday, December 2nd, 2005

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Congress calls hearing on ‘deeply flawed’ BCS

Here is a another article on it.
More like Congress is some deep BS……

With the terrorism threat no longer top priority, the federal “budget” taken care of and all other problems taken care of in America, and Iraq is going just fucking perfectly awesomely swell and great, now Congress is again getting involved in shit they don’t need to be in. Terry “oatmeal brain” Schiavo, MLB steriod use, and just about anything else they take the time to remove their noses from the bible and look elsewhere. Now this latest case just goes to prove that most congressmen are retarded, and a lump of shit or a paper towel tube could probably do a better job.

I just can’t believe that my tax dollars are wasted on this stupid shit.

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Ric Flair Surrenders – November 29, 2005

He sure looks old now.

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The GOP’s American Vision: ‘Off Center’

Worth listening to.