I hate going to theaters.

I have been to more movies in the theater this year than I have been to in some time. And one thing sits in my mind about going to the movie theater. Going to a movie theater sucks. Expensive tickets, wicked overpriced snacks, (5.75 for nachos) dirty theaters, rude staff first off. Then once you are in theater you have to listen to the pack of moron teenagers in the back, people come in late and walk in front of you 30 times to find seats when they could just sit down two rows in front of you and have any seat they wanted. Commercials run for 20 minutes before the movie starts and then a half hour of previews. If I am paying 10 bucks a ticket, you think the theater could at least afford to mop the floors daily, or have towels in the bathroom, or a place to put trash other than the floor, but I guess not.

Oh yeah, and the movies being played suck also.

The only good movies I have seen this year have been free to see, except for DOOM.