I am working hard to be a bigger, more rude asshole every day.


As you can see, I am not an asshole. I donated what little money I could afford to helping the “survivors” of Katrina. I do feel bad for their plight. But I don’t want them in my city anymore. If they want to be loud, rude and slow, that is their own perogitive, but they need to GO HOME AND DO IT THERE. They can do what they want, but when they get their $$$ for living below sea level, they should do the right thing and GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE. I am sick of waiting in line while they try and figure out the self checkout (and by figure out, I meant they are trying to find ways to shoplift), I don’t care that the sea food here is not fresh, since I live in the middle of the fucking continent. I don’t care that they feel unwelcome, and their children are having problems, they should realized that they are in a very white suburb in Missouri, not the Lower 9th Ward, and that we have different customs here.

I never once saw a shipment of goods from Louisiana after tornado season here in Missouri, or Kansas. I was never shipped off to a different state and given free rent, food and everything else becuase a tornado flattened half of the city I lived in. It was at best a regional news story, and maybe the governor would fly over. Thats it. We had to clean up the mess, rebuild the city and that was it. No dramatic news coverage, no whining minorities bitching endlessly, no free money from the feds.

But since it was a bunch of broke black people it should be a national crisis since they did not heed the warning and leave when they had the chance. But Digital Ruler, that is racist to say that. No it is not. They were warned with everyone else to get the fuck out of New Orleans and get out of the path of the storm. Its not like there was a secret whites only broadcast warning only white people to leave. The people that were in New Orleans chose to be there, and then when they realized that the storm was fucking the city up they started crying out “Racism! Racism! Racism!” becuase they made the choice to ride the storm out, rather than leave.
“But they could not afford to leave, since they are oppressed and live in a ghetto”. Not my problem. Is it my problem that when presented with education that more than likely they either skipped school or chose not to study? Nope. IT IS NOT MY PROBLEM AT ALL THAT THE CITY THEY LIVE IN WAS DESTROYED.
And now that they are getting their “relief checks” I am seeing many used SUV’s being purchased, and soon fitted with giant spinner rims, TV’s and stereos galore. But once they blow that money, they will be right back to where they started, with their greedy palms out wanting more free money. I say to that, fuck you, you had a chance, and you blew it.

First post in 2006, for me at least.

Happy New Year to my readers. Please, don’t leave comments, I know that you are all shy. 🙄

I had a good time on New Years Eve, I went over to my friends house, and we played a game of Simpsons Life, and left around 12:45.  Had a good time, and even watched one of those shows that had a ball drop.  I did not have any alcohol to drink, since well, I don’t drink.  I had water, and some cheesey chex mix that was pretty good.

Again, happy new year.  I will be back to limitless complaining very soon.  Like as soon as the all day Law and Order marathon is over.  And even then I won’t have much to complain about, since I will have watched almost enough Law and Order for a day.