New year, new look.

I enjoyed the Rampart theme I had been using for months, since I do enjoy working on computers. Not coding, but actual hardware work. But since I am planning on getting my degree in Business Administration, I figured why not change the blog now too. I did the change over first to a differnt theme, but it was too sparse for my liking, and it just plain sucked.
I like this theme, since I can make changes as needed. After finding the creators homepage, I got the newer version that what they offer on most WP theme sites. Not much has changed, but the header now looks better, and better instructions are a bonus also. I realize that I am not a PHP coding master, but I can work my way around and make the changes I need.

Also, the update to WordPress 2.0 has been very smooth, and I am glad I jumped the gun and updated 2 hours after it went gold.

Anyway, I will be making changes as I see needed, but for now I will stop.