Solid state DDR drive goes into prototype

Solid state DDR drive goes into prototype

If this ever catches on, I forsee a large number of “instant on” machines being built.

I would use it to build a new HTPC, since I don’t really need an instant on desktop or laptop.  But this does hold promise, and with the proper development I think that the device could really shine, and someday be an option offered by the big box PC makers.  Smell, DP, Getaway, they will all offer this, and as usual, they will only use it as a selling point, and then people that don’t know what it is for will buy it, and then flood tech call centers with the same question or complaint.  I imagine it will sound like this:  “My sales expert told me this would be a great addition to my computer, but what does it do?”  or “I was told that I could put 8GB of RAM into this, and I don’t show that I have 8GB, only 256MB of RAM.”

That was one thing that really annoyed me when I was a tech support rep.  People who would purchase awesome hardware, and then only get 256MB of RAM, or they would get RAID controllers and a single ATA HDD and then call in and complain about the controller card not doing anything.

Oh well.  I just think the solid state DDR drive is a wicked cool.

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