What has happened to

Good looking women in porno movies? Lately the only things I have been seeing are skanks. Stretch marks, horrible makeup and bad hair, and that is just the ugly, ugly pussies. And then add in flabby asses, small tits and bad teeth and it makes porn hard to watch. I want to see good looking women take large cocks in all holes, not some chick that looks like she just got kicked out of a homeless shelter for drinking rubbing alcohol and fruit punch mixed with lighter fluid in order to clean her remaining teeth and get a buzz. One movie I watched forgot to take the crack pipe out of the scene, and they changed camera angels and suddenly you saw a crack pipe sitting there with some rocks and a lighter. Not cool. I think pot is OK, but a crack whore is not something I wanted to pay to see get fucked. If I wanted to see that I would just go to the ghetto and walk around in the projects.
Good hair, nice body, large firm breasts and a great looking ass it what I like. I go to the movie shop and I see all these great looking chicks on the covers, and then I see the back cover, and its a whole different story. Sure, the hot chick might be in a scene, maybe two, but the rest is just filler with D level porno stars. I am on porno strike right now, and will be until I start to see good looking women in movies, not homeless drug addict skanks.

I guess this all comes from the fact that now anyone can be in porno, since it just takes a DVD burner, some software and a decent PC and video camera and the willingness to take cock up your ass and let others see it. Sure, some decent stuff is made this way, but the vast majority of it is pretty gross, with fat rolls, hairy crotches and purple genitals. And the guys are not much better, in fact some are fatter than the women and they try to hold the camera and shoot down, but have to hold the camera out to get a shot of the action since their stomachs are too fat and block the shot.  And a birds eye view of another guy stroking off is not what I want to watch.  It is just fucking sick to watch.

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