School has started!

School is pretty cool, now that I am taking classes that I wanted to take, and that makes all the difference in the world. Film as Literature is looking like it is going to be one interesting course to take this semester. One thing is the class is one night a week, so it can slip off if I am not careful with it.

I should really care about the rest of my classes, such as physics 101…Woo w00! It looks like it will be fun, since I like learning. Sounds trivial, but I really do like learning. Moving along with this, I am taking a math class, trying to get the basics all wrapped up, so I can move along with a degree. Then its off to a state university to get the rest of it wrapped up, just before I turn 29. If I work hard enough, I could in theory have my “BS” by the spring of 2008. Sounds pretty good huh? I can’t wait to finish that portion of my education, and how many more positions it will open up to me after I get a degree and have few years of work to go with it. I won’t be making billions of dollars, but I will have some sort of “foot in the door” rather than just work history. Yes I did work for a large computer company for 2 years, if I was to be honest I was on cruise control for the entire time. Plus when they shipped my job to New Orleans and Fort Lauderdale, I feel it is only coincidence that the week after they announced my job being outsourced, A hurricane hit Florida and tore the shit out of it. Then a few weeks later another Hurricane barely missed New Orleans and went into Alabama, Mississippi. I wonder if the wicked bitch of the west side of the call center liked moving to Florida to keep a job within the company.  I have also worked at Sprint, for about 2 months.  BorinG!!!! I want to do more than just talk on the phone and walk people through the same thing 3 times a day.
Anyway, I hope to have a better chance of getting a decent job with a degree than without a degree.