Promise me the moon and the stars….But I know I won’t get it.

Today, I got the call of a lifetime. 🙄 Yup, I got a call from my super friendly neighborhood :arrow:ARMY RECRUITER:evil::!:
Holy shitting crap! God damn school sold me out. Actually, I don’t have to join up if I don’t want to, and don’t plan on it either.  Sorry if that offends you, but I don’t want to join the military and go play in the sand for GWB and CO. Inc.

Talk about a freaky fucking call for sure!

Schools, education, etc..

Public schools are designed to give a head start for the world in 1950. Anything after that and you are hosed. 20 years ago the message was “with a high school diploma you can go much further”. Then the standard was much lower, and you did not have to know too much to scrape by in the world. Granted you would not be making piles of money, but you could live a moderate life. Then about 10 years ago you started to need a 4 year degree for any job other than working at McDonalds or as a telemarketer. Which is vastly more education than most people have. Lets face it, most people that start college don’t finish. Some burn out after the 1st semester, and some are 1 class short of a degree. Anyway, if you want to make enough to feed yourself and keep a roof over your head today you need to make at least 20K a year. Minimum wage pays around 11K a year, so you need to make about $9.50 an hour in order to survive.

It is not like these changes have all happened over night. It has taken years for this situation to occur, and it will take much longer to get out of. Most public schools are just child warehouses, and not getting better at all anytime soon. Think I am crazy? I am not. My wife is a teacher at a public school. She is basically an expensive baby sitter. She has some students that care, but 3 out of 25 is not a great rate.

Then of course, she has to deal with the psycho parents, and that is never fun.

Then once the semi-retarded children get to “college” they fucking flunk out, unless they play “ball”.

Which a whole other subjet for another time anyway.