Post #200, tires, random babble.


Not really.

Today I am going to get some new tires for the Honda, probably at Sams or Sears, since they are right across the street from each other. I have purchased tires at both places, but for different cars. At sears I was mainly buying tires for my Mustang and Grand Prix, and at Sams I bought tires for my turbo Sunbird. That’s right, a turbocharged Pontiac Sunbird. Anyway, the tires for the Honda will not be as bad as the Lincoln costwise. The Lincoln needs a specific brand and type of tire to be quiet, yet still handle decently.

The tires for the Honda have been good so far, and getting it aligned has helped also.

What a day.

Today, one class was called off, and the other was just a lab.  Boring, but we got it done.  Next up was the phone problem.

On thursday of this week, my wife left her cell phone on her desk and one of her students stole it.  It was not found until after she went out and got a new cell phone, but we were able to cancel the new contracts and go back to the old contract.

Plus I got to get my old phone back, and learned that a Razr V3 SUCKS!!!!! The phone sounds like a crappy tin can, feels un balanced in my hand, leading to a piss poor user interface.  I have a SE Z500a, and I think it is the most useful phone around.  I have read reviews about how the quality sucks, but of the two that I have, the quality is very high.

I look forward to upgrading to the Z520a or its replacement in the next year or two…