A land of snobs and jerks

I, The Digital Ruler, am in no way a good photographer. I can take 400-600 photos and only get 10-15 “good” shots. When I do get a “good” shot, I am happy with it, and I post it on DSLR Digital Imaging forum for everyone else to see.

I have recieved many good IM’s with great advice and tips, but then I also get just as many if not more shitty IM’s from “experts” that seem to think that everyone can afford a $3,000 camera body and then a $2,000 lens or 5, and that their rude comments are helpful. Well, guess what, the shitty comments aren’t helpful at all, and prove to me that outsiders aren’t welcome. I don’t care that you can spend your life traveling around and taking pictures of flowers and the sunrise. I can’t and even if I could do that, I would not be up at sunrise, and if I was awake at sunrise, it would only happen if I stayed up all night, and taking pictures would be the last thing on my mind.

In short, if you are DI forum reg and read this, tell the fuck faces that think their shit doesn’t stink since they have BMW and 50 grand worth of equipment that they can go fuck off. If you are one of the fuckfaces that send shitty IM’s, burn in hell, I am well aware that since I did not get a degree in photography that my pics are not the best in the world.

What a week…

Last week on Monday Feb 6 my father died.  I found out the next day, and then three days later I was attending his funeral.

My brother who is in the armed forces was there, and he had a few funny comments.  The best one was this “If I see one more fat white bitch sitting in an SUV with “I support our troops” on a bumpersticker while eating a twinky, I am gonna walk up and let them know that they are the reason that we are at war and walk away.”

I think he is right.

Shopping during the start of the bowl

And so, I went grocery shopping.  The trip was very fast, since the aisles were not clogged with dozen of retarded people staring at boxes going “do you think will taste good?  it was good last time.”  Odds are, if it tasted good last time, it will more than likely taste good again, unless you burn it or change something about it.  The only thing they did not have at the store were tortilla chips.  Not a single bag to be found.  Everything else was well stocked, and with no lines to wait in, it took less than 20 minutes total.

Needless to say, I wish it was superbowl sunday every week so I could shop in peace all the time.

More on 2.duh

If I make a webpage that looks really smooth and well designed with fancy graphics and soft colors, then it seems to be web 2.0, even if I used badly coded HTML.

However, if I make a page that is chunky, looks like a hick designed it in 1996 when they first recieved an “AOL INTERNETS” cd or floppy diskette in the mail, then it is most assuredly NOT web 2.0, even if both pages have the exact same information.

My music did not become Music 2.0 when I loaded it onto my iPod, nor did my computer become PC 2.0 when I put in new hard drives.

Myspace is not web 2.0, its just a bunch of kids trying to impress each other. No different than what angelfire, geocities or theglobe or any other “social” site was 10 years ago. “But Myspace is so cool, it lets you do so much.” O Rly? The way I see it, myspace is pretty lame. I guess if you like to see fake sparkle graphics on phrases such as “PImpette” or “2 hottie 4 U.” then yes, it allows you to do so much. If you want to go to a video site and add an annoying EMO band video to your page, then yes, myspace.com is the place for you. If you want to have “friends” by the dozen, yeah, it again will work for you. But I don’t think that having a shitty myspace page will help you get a job any time soon, in fact, it might just be a hinderance. No, it will be a hinderance.

yahoo 360, flickr, flock,gmail,yadda yadda yadaa, myspace, livejournal, facebook, etc., are NOT web 2.0

Gigabit fiber in every home is web 2.0.

Everything else is just updated eye-candy content.

“But we can share our information so easy, it has to be web 2.0”

No, it is not. Try again fucker. It has just been made easier for retards like you to use it, information was easy to share before people started posting bad pictures of each other in bars trying to be cool.

I am going grocery shopping when the superbowl starts, so I can shop in peace.