March 2006

March 31, 2006: 6:54 pm: Post


A solid kick in the crotch.

March 30, 2006: 10:34 pm: Cool Cats

Beastie Boys | The A.V. Club

Good to see them still at it.  Its been a long time for them, and they have done nothing but get better.


March 29, 2006: 6:36 pm: Post

Nikon 28-70mm f/2.8 ED-IF AF-S Zoom-Nikkor

I think that I would sell an internal organ for this lens.

: 1:15 am: Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb

Ex-Village People singer faces jail – Mar 28, 2006

I don’t know which is worse, the news of the guy going to jail, or the fact that it was reported as news.

You decide.

March 27, 2006: 6:04 pm: Fucks that need to die, Good News Everyone., Stupid People – News Archive – Two Cat Killers Head To Jail
I missed this the other day, but I think it needs to be covered. They killed several cats since the cats were not nice, and were wild. What a couple of douche bags. I hope they get the shit kicked out them in prison. Of course, they could have called animal control, who would have come out and taken the cats for free. But no, they had to mutilate the cats in a drunken frenzy, in the middle of the night.
Another report on the dynamic dumbasses….

And you can read about how they pleaded with the judge for no prison time. Funny, they don’t want to be punished for committing a crime.

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Kansas Birthday Balloons Found On Illinois Farm


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