New drinking game idea

I was watching local news on TV and when the sports segment came on, I heard several phrases over and over again.

They include:

“You know”

“‘Cuz its like” and the most annoying

“its cuz like you know” followed with

“you know what I am sayin”

“and uhhhhhhh”
I propose that rather than have a drinking game based on Bill Orielly from FAUX news, just use this drinking game.  Really simple plan for playing it correctly.

Take a shot when you here the following

“you know”, “its like”, or any other word repeated in place of actual thought.  By the end of one interview you will be so fucked up that you won’t be able to fall straight to the floor.

Don’t think it will work?  Try it.  In one 2 minute segment on a college team I counted “you know” almost 30 times, and  “uhhhh” almost 50 times.