WP: DEA balks at Canada’s ‘Prince of Pot’

WP: DEA balks at Canada’s ‘Prince of Pot’

Why aren’t they spending this much time and effort to find Osama Bin Forgotten, I mean Bin Laden?

This is just another example of how fucked up this country has become. Cut taxes for the super rich so that poor people who need help can suffer. War for peace. Give up liberty for security. Monitoring private citizens in the name of national security. Breaking high level laws, but don’t complain, its for your safety.

Bill Clinton got a blow job from an intern, and it was the end of the world. Yet no soldiers died over it. How many millions of dollars did the republicans spend to crucify him? Our current administration let 9-11-01 happen, spent trillions of dollars with nothing to show for it except rich people who now have even more money, a country that is rotting from the inside, children that are dumber than ever, and even fatter. God nazis now have complete control over all branches of the government. Over 2,000 dead soldiers in a false war. Over 10,000 wounded. Growing unrest in all areas that America occupies, and slim chances it will improve any time soon, if ever.

This November, think beyond lunch or next week when you vote. Your life, or the lives of your children may very well depend on it.

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  1. I A, #1, ABSOLUTELY fucking agree…

    ..but someones getting richer, every body bag brought bag, every anti-war poster that’s carried…

    ..someones making bank.. follow the trail

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