Police: Man Killed Boy For Walking Across Yard

Police: Man Killed Boy For Walking Across Yard

What is so fucking hard for this kid to comprehend? Don’t walk across another mans yard. Simple as that. You don’t own it, therefore, don’t walk on it.  Granted, murder is a touch overboard, but this had been going on for quite some time, and the kid had been warned not to walk there before.
If I was lucky enough to own a home, I would make sure that the yard was wicked smooth, free of dog crap and other pet bombs, and well taken care of.

Plus the kid was trespassing, IMO.

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  1. You know, it’s really hard to justify “killing” as an option, but I TOTALLY understand his anger. Yard work is hard, and when it pays off, can make your home look worlds better. I’m a “stay off the lawn” person even with my own kids. I look at it like, “that’s why we have a sidewalk and steps”. Sorry the kid had to die and the home owner is facing prison time, but that’s what being hardheaded gets you.

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