add this to my tombstone: THE SOUTH LOST, GET OVER IT!”

I am an editor for my school newspaper, and it has allowed me to interview and meet some of the odder characters I have ever dealt with. I have had people start screaming about how they hate France, and that they hate all Democrats, and they aren’t even in the college republicans. To be fair, the College Republicans at my campus are not super crazy, and if someone who joins the club simply to scream about how they hate democrats, environmentalists, people from other countries, or just to sit there and bash bill clinton, they don’t allow it. The same with the Democratic party club, no constant Bush bashing, no “i hate republicans becuase” speeches. Another girl said that people who don’t go to church are responsible for all the “demonic activity” in the world today, and that the end of the world is near. To be fair, she was a fat chick, and I did not need to use her interview, since the story was about sexually transmitted diseases. I just asked to interview her since she was wearing a religious t-shirt and she looked as plain as a brown paper sack, and was carrying a bible.
The rest have usually been guys who brag about how their family fought in “the war”. Not in Iraq, or Vietnam, or Korea, or WW1 or WW2. Not even the Spanish-American war. Nope, they talk about how they are related to people who fought in the American Civil war. Almost 140 years later, and they still talk about how they are confederates, and that they don’t like “yankees or carpetbaggers.” I wish I was lying about this, but sadly, in the year 2006, I still hear about how the south will “rise again”, from 18 year kids who rarely traveled beyond their respective hometowns while growing up. Some have never even been to Kansas City even though the fringes of KC start about 1 mile north of the campus.

Shopping for MPG….

Cnn runs an article about how to shop for M.P.G., or miles per gallon.  You can read it here,

While decent in its writing method and editing, the content contradicts at the end.  The say  that getting a car with a manual transmission is harder to sell in non sports cars, get the bigger engine for “resale value” and that hybrids aren’t worth the cost.  Of course hybrids are good at miles per gallon, but other factors hamper them.  I think the problem with hybrid and supercompact cars is that most Americans are now too fat to fit into super compacts now.  Some people might be able to, if they only ate tofu and drank water.  But for the people getting 30 bucks at tace bell for dinner, then eating again on the way home, just might have some problems with the new supercompacts.  Of course, reducing total consumption really freaks some people out too much, and they start acting like idiots to try and convince you that you are wrong about how to solve the problem via reducing the amount of oil we use…

Linux: A European threat to our computers (by Tristan the retard)

Linux: A European threat to our computers (by Tristan)

And this shows the depth of fear and hatred running rampant in America now.  Since its 2006 and also an election year, the republican party has started cranking the lie machine back up.  Of course, I think they should have kept it cranked up after the 2004 election, so people would have been tired of them by the middle of 2005.  But a hurricane did the trick, showing how republicans don’t want to govern, they want to rule with no questions being asked.  They seem to have forgotten that the GOVERNMENT SHOULD FEAR THE PEOPLE, AND THE PEOPLE SHOULD NOT FEAR THE GOVERNMENT.  Don’t vote based on TV ads, research the candidates… Read about how America is slowly slipping farther and farther behind, even as the current government shouts about how good things are…

Bush Set to Approve Takeover of 9 Military Plants by Dubai

Published: April 28, 2006

WASHINGTON, April 27 — President Bush is expected on Friday to announce his approval of a deal under which a Dubai-owned company would take control of nine plants in the United States that manufacture parts for American military vehicles and aircraft, say two administration officials familiar with the terms of the deal.

The officials, who were granted anonymity so they could speak freely about something the president had not yet announced, said that the final details had not yet been set and that Mr. Bush might put conditions on the transaction to keep military technology in the United States.

But his action is almost certain to attract scrutiny in Congress, because of the political furor that erupted over the administration’s approval of a deal earlier this spring that would have given another Dubai-owned company, Dubai Ports World, leases to operate several American port terminals through its acquisition of a British company, the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company.

Dubai Ports agreed to drop the port deal after it became clear that Republicans were abandoning Mr. Bush and opposing the takeover.

In this case, the plants in question are owned by Doncasters Group Ltd., a British company that is being purchased for $1.2 billion from the Royal Bank of Scotland Group by Dubai International Capital, which is owned by the United Arab Emirate government.

Because the plants make turbine blades for tanks and aircraft, the deal was reviewed by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, which sent it on to Mr. Bush himself for a decision, a step used only when the potential security risks or political considerations are particularly acute.

Administration officials alerted Congress that the deal would go through the committee’s review process in an effort to head off the kind of public debate that surrounded the ports deal.

Opponents of the ports transactions argued that the terrorists involved in the Sept. 11 attacks had filtered money through the United Arab Emirates, where Dubai is the major shipping center. Mr. Bush argued that blocking the deal would have sent the wrong message to a friendly Arab state. His support, however, was not enough to quell the political furor.

One official who was briefed on the Doncasters transaction said there would be provisions in the agreement protecting American military secrets. But it was unclear whether that would satisfy Congressional objections. With nine Doncasters plants in Georgia and Connecticut making parts for American military contractors, the prospect of a takeover by the Dubai company has already caused nervousness among some lawmakers.

Representative John Barrow, Democrat of Georgia, likened the Doncasters deal to “outsourcing” part of the nation’s industrial-military complex.

But Representative Peter T. King, Republican of New York, the chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security and one of the foremost critics of the ports deal, said on Thursday that he would not necessarily have a problem this time around, in large part because the White House had given the deal a thorough review.

“It’s a significant improvement over what happened before,” Mr. King said. “It’s been much more thorough, much more detailed.”

A senior Republican Congressional aide who was granted anonymity because he was not authorized to talk about the matter, said he did not believe the president’s approval of the deal would cause quite the same stir as the ports deal.

Dear Mr. Bush,


Best ever!

“I sware if u purchase , it will rock ur it will drop the temp of your CPU from like on fire to cooler than ice. uses the best materials available on the market today. I over clocked my Pentium 2 @ 266MHZ to like an Athlon FX-60. Shipping company and online store got it to me fast!!! 2^64 thumbs up!”

I am so sick of seeing reviews like this. Its total crap, and I think that certain e-tailers should stop letting stupid posts like this included in the review section. If a device is actually good, then I may want to go and purchase said device. However, the times I actually read the reviews, I find that most are fairly biased towards being not true. When you look at the amount of electricity that a CPU uses, and then convert that into heat, its fairly easy to see when people are just full of shit, or they seriously rigged their testing. A heatsink cannot cool a CPU that uses 108W of power while sitting in a room that is 75 degrees down to below freezing. But since its a $25 heatsink with a fan, I don’t believe the wild claims one bit. But for some reason, people want to post half truthful crap. I could just head on down to the local computer big box store and get something there too, if I was really serious about getting a heatsink and fan right away. Since I am still just starting to look seriously at parts I am not really worried yet.

I recently built a new computer for my mom and it was a success. It was based on the Athlon X2, with a Gigabyte Nforce 4 SLI motherboard with all the cables, and other things needed to get system going and onboard IEEE1394 and USB2.0 and an onboard NIC. Add 2 seagate 250GB SATA HDD in RAID 0, 500 watt power supply, DVD burner, 2GB of PC400, and a 256MB video card and overall its a fast runner. Doom 3 played wicked smooth, and it encoded 25 minutes of DV to MPEG-2 for DVD quickly. I did not time it, but when it started encoding using Nero Showtime, it said it would take an hour. It was done in less than 20 minutes.t I then burned the file to DVD and tested the dvd on a tv and DVD player. It worked flawlessly.

I hope to soon have a new system for myself, using a super fast dual core processor(think Athlon X2 4800+), and going all out with RAM, either 4 or 8GB total. I think I will get some new HDD’s also, to give me more room to work with. I don’t need any more DVD burners, so that is taken care of. I will probably end up with another ATI video card, since I like them. It should not be too expensive to build, if I time it right.

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