Best ever!

“I sware if u purchase , it will rock ur it will drop the temp of your CPU from like on fire to cooler than ice. uses the best materials available on the market today. I over clocked my Pentium 2 @ 266MHZ to like an Athlon FX-60. Shipping company and online store got it to me fast!!! 2^64 thumbs up!”

I am so sick of seeing reviews like this. Its total crap, and I think that certain e-tailers should stop letting stupid posts like this included in the review section. If a device is actually good, then I may want to go and purchase said device. However, the times I actually read the reviews, I find that most are fairly biased towards being not true. When you look at the amount of electricity that a CPU uses, and then convert that into heat, its fairly easy to see when people are just full of shit, or they seriously rigged their testing. A heatsink cannot cool a CPU that uses 108W of power while sitting in a room that is 75 degrees down to below freezing. But since its a $25 heatsink with a fan, I don’t believe the wild claims one bit. But for some reason, people want to post half truthful crap. I could just head on down to the local computer big box store and get something there too, if I was really serious about getting a heatsink and fan right away. Since I am still just starting to look seriously at parts I am not really worried yet.

I recently built a new computer for my mom and it was a success. It was based on the Athlon X2, with a Gigabyte Nforce 4 SLI motherboard with all the cables, and other things needed to get system going and onboard IEEE1394 and USB2.0 and an onboard NIC. Add 2 seagate 250GB SATA HDD in RAID 0, 500 watt power supply, DVD burner, 2GB of PC400, and a 256MB video card and overall its a fast runner. Doom 3 played wicked smooth, and it encoded 25 minutes of DV to MPEG-2 for DVD quickly. I did not time it, but when it started encoding using Nero Showtime, it said it would take an hour. It was done in less than 20 minutes.t I then burned the file to DVD and tested the dvd on a tv and DVD player. It worked flawlessly.

I hope to soon have a new system for myself, using a super fast dual core processor(think Athlon X2 4800+), and going all out with RAM, either 4 or 8GB total. I think I will get some new HDD’s also, to give me more room to work with. I don’t need any more DVD burners, so that is taken care of. I will probably end up with another ATI video card, since I like them. It should not be too expensive to build, if I time it right.

Anyone care to donate?