Linux: A European threat to our computers (by Tristan the retard)

Linux: A European threat to our computers (by Tristan)

And this shows the depth of fear and hatred running rampant in America now.  Since its 2006 and also an election year, the republican party has started cranking the lie machine back up.  Of course, I think they should have kept it cranked up after the 2004 election, so people would have been tired of them by the middle of 2005.  But a hurricane did the trick, showing how republicans don’t want to govern, they want to rule with no questions being asked.  They seem to have forgotten that the GOVERNMENT SHOULD FEAR THE PEOPLE, AND THE PEOPLE SHOULD NOT FEAR THE GOVERNMENT.  Don’t vote based on TV ads, research the candidates… Read about how America is slowly slipping farther and farther behind, even as the current government shouts about how good things are…

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