Shopping for MPG….

Cnn runs an article about how to shop for M.P.G., or miles per gallon.  You can read it here,

While decent in its writing method and editing, the content contradicts at the end.  The say  that getting a car with a manual transmission is harder to sell in non sports cars, get the bigger engine for “resale value” and that hybrids aren’t worth the cost.  Of course hybrids are good at miles per gallon, but other factors hamper them.  I think the problem with hybrid and supercompact cars is that most Americans are now too fat to fit into super compacts now.  Some people might be able to, if they only ate tofu and drank water.  But for the people getting 30 bucks at tace bell for dinner, then eating again on the way home, just might have some problems with the new supercompacts.  Of course, reducing total consumption really freaks some people out too much, and they start acting like idiots to try and convince you that you are wrong about how to solve the problem via reducing the amount of oil we use…

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