not working at work.

How many people aren’t working right now, even though they are at work? Since it is Saturday, many people in America probably aren’t working right now. But come Monday in the morning, they will be at desks, clicking their mice aimlessly, avoiding calls while leaving voicemails. They aren’t working, and the work they do complete is only done to make your work harder.

Spam chain letters are a great example of this. I have members of my family and friends who consistenly foward e-mails they get on to me. I don’t care about some experimental jet car, dogs that woke people up and saved them from fires, exploding battery packs, how if we all stopped buying gas we could make gas prices plummet overnight (which won’t happen), and all the other crap that the spam filter doesn’t catch.

Surveys. Great American time waster right there. Tell us what you think. Your results matter. Not really, since they need millions of replies usually. And then who does actual statistic work on the data, and what does it really prove?

Glittering graphics. What really pisses me off about glittering graphics are the stupid sayings people use with them, usually in ebonics. Yes, a 19 year old white girl in Nothern Minnesota is really a “pimpette” or “ghetto prinzezz”, at least on her myspace profile she is, or her friends make it for her. Also, TyPiNg LiKe ThIs Is JuSt PlAiN StUpId. Lay off the fonts, and remember the next piece.

Lay off the video players and music. Limit the use to these to somewhere between 0 and 1 per page, with only a song or a video, not both. Not 10 different videos and 9 songs all trying to load at once. I got 2GB of RAM in my system and it still slows down my system to have all those different players trying to load at all once.

Then there are the people who are just fucking clueless and braindead. Some people I have worked with have been so empty headed that I wonder how they can survive in the world today. No social skills, no personal life, clumsy, poorly dressed, cannot speak clearly or form basic sentences, cannot perform basic functions of jobs they were hired to do, but still work there, the list just on and on. Why do these people breed constantly? They always seems to find other people just like them, so the children they have are even more braindead and pathetic.

Hang up the cell phone and drive, and don’t slow down in the fast lane to talk on the phone either. The rest of the world does not need to slow down for you, but you seem to think it does, so you slow down in the fast lane and then proceed to help start rush hour traffic at 1PM instead of 3PM. Stop doing that shit, its fucking annoying. They have built the roads that wide for a reason. The through traffic on the left lanes, and the slower cars to the right. And when merging from an on ramp, the yeild sign is for you, not traffic on the interstate.

Don’t bitch at the gas pump. It is not my fault you bought the biggest SUV or truck on the market. I don’t care that it costs you so much to fill up either. The cost to fill my car gas tank up has increased also, so bitching to me about the high prices only shows how naive you really are. On top of that, I don’t give a fuck that you have to pay more, since usually they are putting it on a credit card anyway. Which is another retarded thing I am gonna complain about.

People who use credit cards for everything. Groceries, gas, eating out, you name it. Yes using a credit card for major purchases, or if you can pay for it at the end of the month is OK to do, but I have seen many people using credit cards for bottles of soda. Not bank cards, but actual credit cards. If you can’t afford to buy the gas with cash, you should not drive a vehicle that takes so much resources to operate. If you can’t afford the meal at McDonalds, don’t put it on a credit card. If you can’t afford the plastic crap from China at Wal-Mart, don’t pay with a credit card. Just say no. Save your money, pay down your debts and then worry about updating your home theater again later.

Alas, I am out of things to bitch about for now.

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