Gateway Computers To Finally Fuck KC Center Sales Staff

It finally happened. After years of speculation and turmoil, Gateway if finally telling the staff in KC to fuck off completely and close the doors at 1414 Genessee. For those that didn’t pay attention, Gateway used to be a technology company but now is just a computer sales company. They had sites in KC, South Dakota, California, Utah, and a chain of stores around the country, and almost 20,000 employees if not more. Now they have California for the headquarters and some space in South Dakota. The bulk of the “company” is really just a poorly managed chain of shitty outsourcing companies. They have an upper management team of course, but they don’t do much in house anymore other than lose money.

They don’t make their own computers anymore, they outsourced parts fullfillment, technical support, product design, HR, customer service, collections, and just about everything else. They even outsourced sales in some market segments, like bilingual sales and op sales. An op sale is when a caller to customer service or tech support would want to buy something while on the line. I was decent at that, and even lead the entire company in that type of sales for months at a time. But that could not even save my job…. But I don’t think that anyone will work for Gateway at all soon, since they can’t get profitable and stay that way. I think the company will eventually be bought out by a big box chain, and used as an in house brand in the future. Of course, Ted and his friends made out like bandits years ago, and the people who are now taking it in the ass are the few remaining workers.
Kansas City Channel dot Com has the story..

Gateway Computers To Shut Down KC Center

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