A job.

A couple of years ago, I was sitting on my couch when I saw an ad for a company saying they needed tech support people, to take calls from home computer users. I filled out the application and they called me back, offered to interview, told me about the hours, and what it would entail.

Little did I know that I was going to lose 2 years of my life to a never ending stream of stress, degradation of my mind and body, stupid stats to live by that don’t really mean shit. Having customers call in 9 times a day wanting to know where a part is. Basic stuff for a computer company to have in stock, but they managed not to do so. It was great to see that we had 4,000 CPU’s in stock and not a single motherboard in the warehouse. Or 1500 motherboards and CPU, but NO RAM!!! Floppy drives, but no cables. Power supplies that shipped with known fan issues, the list could go on and on…
The poor people who had laptops got fucked in the ass all the time. It was so far away from solved when they shit canned the entire tech support division it was not even funny. No parts, no replacement chassis available, no suppliers overseas willing to work with the company (sssshhhhhhh!!!!) People sending in Gateway laptops got other brands of laptop back, in Gateway branded boxes….Yeah, that was really fun to try and explain, since I couldn’t get a fucking answer from the “service depot” in TX that was also outsourced.

They did make it up to me, they gave me 2 months of pay and told me not to work at all, and gave me full benefits and then a decent severance package.

Now they are finally killing the site,so the people who still work there are just fucked.

How I feel about a certain actor

I think tom cruise should be run through an industrial wood chipper. I have never liked his acting or any movie he has been in. Top Gun? Nope, didn’t like it. Days of Thunder? Sorry, it looked stupid from the poster, and when I saw it I wanted my two hours back. Mission Impossible? Dumb. Risky Business? Stupid. Losing it? Lame, retarded and stupid. His acting is not that great. The roles he sleepwalks through yet still had praise heaped on amazes me to this day.

Then you add in the fact that he was willing to go on national TV and spar with the host and insult him for defending a person whom tom cruise made comments about it just shows that he has not been in touch with reality for quite some time.

In all, if I never see his face again, it will be too soon.  Fuck the hype.

X-Men 3

So today after I woke up and took a shower my lovely wife suggested that we go and see a movie. She then suggested X-Men 3, so we purchased tickets online, went out to lunch and then headed to the theater. Typically we like to get there about 30-45 minutes before the movie starts, so we can selected prime seats, go to the bathroom or anything else we want to do before the show starts. Normally this works out great, with a few exceptions.

However, today I was enjoying myself and talking with my wife when a couple started walking up the stairs.  They were both so fat that the floor shook when they stepped, and a booming sound was made.  They then decided to sit next to me.  Not the empty row of 3 seats across the aisle, but right next to me.  He was big enough for two seats alone, and his wife or whatever was just as big.  He sat down and the armrest started to bend, and then she sat down and it bent further.  Thankfully there was an empty seat on the other side of my wife, so she moved over one, and I was able to escape.  Then he started his wheezing breathing style, for the whole movie.  His laughter consisted of 30-35 pounds of phlegm relocating in his body.  It was so disgusting.  I think if people are that big they need to be charged more to get into the theater, since they are taking up more than their fair share of space.  If the theater is not crowded, that is one thing, but if its a hot new release then the people who take up 3 seats should have to pay for them.