How I feel about a certain actor

I think tom cruise should be run through an industrial wood chipper. I have never liked his acting or any movie he has been in. Top Gun? Nope, didn’t like it. Days of Thunder? Sorry, it looked stupid from the poster, and when I saw it I wanted my two hours back. Mission Impossible? Dumb. Risky Business? Stupid. Losing it? Lame, retarded and stupid. His acting is not that great. The roles he sleepwalks through yet still had praise heaped on amazes me to this day.

Then you add in the fact that he was willing to go on national TV and spar with the host and insult him for defending a person whom tom cruise made comments about it just shows that he has not been in touch with reality for quite some time.

In all, if I never see his face again, it will be too soon.  Fuck the hype.

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